Review: Relentless by Skye Jordan (Renegades #4)

Relentless is the fourth full-length novel in the ongoing Renegades series penned by bestselling author Skye Jordan. This is a second chance romance between Renegade Troy Jacobs and country singer Giselle Diamond. They met when she was fourteen and he was seventeen and they, along with Nathan Sykes, another Renegade and Troy's best friend, lived in a group home together. For five years, she was his Ellie and his world revolved solely around her. But Ellie's music was at the center of her lifelong dream and when the opportunity to fulfill it came along, she made the choice to walk away from the only boy she ever loved, feeling his over-protectiveness stifling and being too much of a risk to her blossoming career. Seven years later, Giselle Diamond is a music star, but what she has isn't enough. She pushes herself farther and further, wanting to eclipse whatever she has now for whatever she could have if she simply says yes to more projects. Her latest is a movie role, the same film Troy Jacobs happens to be working as a stuntman.

Troy Jacobs fell hard for Giselle Diamond when they were teenagers, a fall he never survived, especially after she left him behind, choosing her career over their relationship. He mourned that loss and wallowed in it, but now he's happily employed as part of the Renegades, an elite team of stunt people. There isn't any shortage of female company either, but while Troy enjoys the physical aspects of being with any number of women, he refuses to ever fall for anyone again. Now working on a film in Vegas, Troy sees billboard after billboard of his ex, but the last thing he expects is to see her in a sex club. Even behind a mask, he recognizes her immediately; she, however, doesn't. After one unforgettable evening together, they go their separate ways, only to cross paths again when Giselle takes a role in the movie Troy is part of. The sooner they can finish, the sooner Troy can get back to being free of her. But when it becomes clear that the love they have for each other still exists, will Troy decide to do everything to make Ellie his again?

This was a hot second chance romance read. There were moments of steamy sex and sweet reminiscing and reconnecting, but I admit that there were times I also felt frustrated when it came to Ellie. I guess it had a lot to do with how she ended their previous relationship, though I think that they were both young, so they reacted to the situation before them rather than stepped back and actually thought about it before acting. Then there was the confession in the cave and everything that followed that had me swooning for Troy and cheering for these two, and yes, Ellie won me over...until she did what she did when she found her phone. Argh! Yes, it's true. I was Team Troy all the way, so I felt for the guy and wanted to scratch Ellie's eyes out, but as happily-ever-afters go, I liked that they resolved their differences and how they went about doing so. It's been two years since I read the first three books in the series, and I remember saying in my Ricochet review that I hope the series would continue. I'm glad it did. 4.5 stars for Relentless. ♥

Date Read: 15 October 2016

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