Review: Rebel by Skye Jordan (Renegades #2)

Rebel is the second book in the Renegades series by Skye Jordan. The series is about a group of professional stuntmen and the women in their lives. This second installment is about Rubi and Wes, whom we originally met in the first book, Reckless, as the best friends of Lexi and Jax, respectively. There was already an initial attraction between Rubi and Wes and I'm glad their story was next on the list of stories. 

Rubi Russo is beauty and brains personified. She's a retired supermodel who uses her intelligence to create computer software, applications, and programs for clients. She'd do anything for the friends she considers family but doesn't believe in committing to a monogamous relationship with the opposite sex. She's been abandoned and forgotten more times than she can count and all by the one person who wasn't supposed to. Wes grabs her attention from the first time she sees him at the airport but she doesn't want to risk their friendship for what she believes is going to be a one-time thing.

Wes Lawson could give the leading men of Hollywood a run for their money but he's not interested in seeing his name in bright lights. He's happy being able to perform the stunts that he's assigned. His life is simple and credits that to his upbringing. He's a one-woman kind of guy and likes the typical "good girl". While he notices Rubi from the moment they see each other at the airport, he knows that she isn't the type of girl he usually goes for. But then they become best friends and he begins to realize that she's exactly what he wants and needs in his life...if only he can convince her.

Rubi and Wes have a friendship that's grown over the past few months they've known each other. There's no denying they're both attracted to one another but Rubi doesn't want to take the next step, wanting to stick to her non-committal hookups but not really actively pursuing it any longer. Wes thinks taking the risk of becoming more than friends is worth the risk. He'll have to overcome Rubi's hangups with love and commitment and the more he learns about her childhood, the more he realizes what an uphill battle it may be. But he believes she's worth it.

I loved these two together, even more than I did Lexi and Jax (and those two were sizzling). Their love story may have begun with an instant attraction but they did move on to being friends BEFORE they became lovers. This enabled them to be more comfortable with each other while building a foundation of respect and trust before falling in love. I get why Rubi was as jaded as she was but Wes stood firm, knowing that what they could have together was special. The guy is the epitome of persistence. ^.^

Rebel can be read as a standalone but, like with any book that's part of a series, I suggest that you read the books in order since there are characters that are introduced in a previous book that'll be spotlighted in the next one and so on. The books available, which are currently three, are all good reads so don't feel like you'll be wasting time on any of them. ^.^ This is my favorite in the series so far and it gets five stars. ♥

Date read: 15 September 2014

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