Review: Rumor by Skye Jordan (Renegades #3.5)

Rumor is a novella about Josh Marx, the former Navy SEAL who is the resident risk assessment expert for the Renegades, the team of stunt people known to be the best in the business, and Grace Ashby, a dancer turned choreographer and the former wife of one of Josh's SEAL teammates and closest friends. Josh was introduced in the third full-length novel, Ricochet, where he was pursuing Rachel Hart, who ends up falling for Renegade member Nathan Ryker. In this novella, Grace and Josh have been friends for years, but when Grace, who was already divorced from her husband, tells him how she feels and that she would like for them to cross the line between friendship and romance, he not only rejects her but becomes incommunicado, putting their friendship on pause. When Josh gets a call from Isaac Beck, his close friend and Grace's ex, and asks him to check in on Grace after hearing a rumor that she was working as a stripper, Josh heads to San Diego. But the Grace he finds there is very different from the Grace he's always known...

Josh and Grace are dealing with several complications in their consideration of whether to pursue a relationship or not and I enjoyed reading how they tried to figure things out because turning their backs on the chemistry between them--which Josh already did once before--would have been sad. Had these two, well more of Josh really, had been communicating better and more honestly and openly, they could have probably spared themselves a year of nothingness between them. Of course, the issue regarding Beck is one that could have also been handled head on, especially since Beck and Grace were already divorced when Grace wanted Josh to move in with her. It wasn't all angst and frustration about Josh and Grace's romance that never seemed to be on proper footing for far too long. My favorite part of the book had to be Josh and Grace's time with Carolyn, Grace's mother. Josh doesn't merely feel affection for Carolyn, but a genuine love for someone he sees as a mother figure. All in all, Rumor was a good, four-starred novella. ♥

Date Read: 15 October 2016

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