Review: Viewing Room by Heidi McLaughlin & L.P. Dover (Society X #2)

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I've been looking forward to reading the second book in the Society X series since I finished reading the series starter, Dark Room, in February and Viewing Room proved to be worth wait, with bestselling authors Heidi McLaughlin and L.P. Dover coming together yet again and enticing readers to indulge in something new from the not-so-secret club that is Society X. Though both currently available books belong to the same series, they work extremely well as standalones, neither of them directly tied to each other except for the fact that parts of the story take place in Society X and there are a couple of supporting characters from there that make appearances in both books. The second half of book two also has more of suspense thriller feel to it courtesy of a side story interspersed with the romance that goes on between the main characters, Hunter Miles and Kennedy Vaughn, both of whom are feisty, flirty, and really rather fun.

When thirty-three-year-old divorce attorney Kennedy Vaughn is brought to Society X by her friends to celebrate her amicable divorce, she has a vague idea what she may experience in the popular sex club. What she gets, however, exceeds her expectations. She locks eyes with a gorgeous young man and there's an instant connection between them. When he turns out to be the stripper who gives her the lap dance of her life, followed up by a hot and heavy hook-up in her car, Kennedy is torn between wanting more and wanting distance. Not only is Hunter Miles eight years younger, but she immediately assumes that he's something of a manwhore, what with his current occupation. Even as she tries to avoid him, Kennedy finds that both Hunter and fate have made sure their paths cross. The more she knows him, the more Kennedy realizes that Hunter is so much more than she thought him to be...but can she afford to feel more for him?

I confess that it took me several chapters to warm up to Kennedy and a lot of that had to do with the assumptions she had made about Hunter. He was a stripper and she pegged him as a playboy who was having random sex often. Her surprise at learning all the other tidbits about his life was quite insulting to Hunter, but as the story went on, Kennedy did grow on me. On the other hand, I liked Hunter from the get-go. He was easygoing and confident but I already had a feeling that there were other layers to him. Their relationship starts off as one based on their physical attraction to one another but it's that indescribable connection that tethers them to each other. There's one twist in the story that certainly amped things up and made what was going on between them complicated but all the more intriguing. This book is like its male main character: witty, charming, and all too irresistible. Viewing Room gets five stars. ♥


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Date Read: 09 September 2016

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