Review: Tomorrow's Lies by S.R. Grey (Promises #1)

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Tomorrow’s Lies is the first novel in the Promises series from author S.R. Grey and introduces readers to the two main protagonists, teenagers Jaynie Cumberland and Flynn O’Neill, who at seventeen, have both experienced the good and the bad that come with being foster children. They meet in the home of Mrs. Lowry, where Jaynie is made to believe that all will finally be well, even as she counts the days to her eighteenth birthday, the day she’ll be free of the system and live her life on her own terms. But the ups and downs of her past foster homes are nothing compared to the hellish conditions she, Flynn, and the other children are forced to endure under the “care” of the woman known as Crafty Lo. Things are made even worse by Crafty Lo’s daughter Allison, who seems to target Jaynie especially. Through all the physical, mental, and emotional abuse, Jaynie and Flynn do find love but must learn to find the strength to survive.

This was a character-driven story, with two main characters who are thrown together by their circumstances but cling to one another, becoming each other’s support system during the nightmarish stay in the Lowry household. Aside from Jaynie and Flynn, the three other foster children, Mandy, also seventeen, and eight-year-old twins Callie and Cody, are equally memorable and all five become a family unit, protecting one another and doing their best to take care of each other. They’ve all had their share of experiences that they’re bound to carry with them for the rest of their lives, but their desire to have more beyond their struggles and to survive in order to later on thrive is what makes this an inspiring read of sorts. In Tomorrow’s Lies, it isn’t just love the conquers all; the seeds of hope are planted and even in the harshest conditions, roots take hold and one learns to bend and not break and later flourish. Four stars. ♥

Date Read: 08 September 2016

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