Review: Rescued by Felice Stevens

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Rescued is a second edition release, having been originally published in 2014, and is a re-edited and expanded version, which includes a peek at the sequel, Reunited, making this former standalone novel a series starter, although I haven't read about what the title of the series is going to be. This first book had that added element of dogs that I'm often unable to resist, especially with the dogs her being rescues. It's the story of one man trying to find love and acceptance in a sea of rejection and another man coming to terms with his sexuality and who he really is. It isn't an overly long read but one that I enjoyed a great deal.

Ryder Daniels is a lawyer working at an animal rescue center that specializes in rescuing pit bulls, but he needs his own bit of rescuing when it comes to the sad state of his personal life. He hasn't had the best track record when it comes to relationships and coming out to his parents led to him leaving the only home he ever knew when they couldn't accept his sexuality. All he wants is to be able to see his younger brother and to be with someone who is staying for the long haul. The last thing he needs is to start developing awkward feelings for his undeniably gorgeous new friend, Jason Mallory, who also happens to be straight?

Jason Mallory has just ended his long-term relationship but isn't all that heartbroken by it. He has enough on his plate with the construction business he and his older brother taking on a major project. Finding abandoned pit bulls on the property leads him to call a rescue shelter, which brings Ryder Daniels into his life. His reaction to Ryder is immediate and shocks the hell out of him. But maybe it shouldn't, not if memory serves him right. The two forge a close friendship, but there's an underlying attraction there, and possibly something far deeper, one that Jason needs to wrap his head--and heart--around sooner or later.

This was ultimately a story about acceptance, not just of who someone is but who you are. It's also about moving on and learning to take chances, even when the risks seem overwhelming, because the worthwhile ones reap the greatest rewards. There were times where Ryder and Jason seemed to over-react to seemingly small hiccups in their relationship, making for abrupt shifts in their moods. However, it was difficult to not get into their story and with a supporting cast of characters that threatened to steal the limelight every once in a while, Rescued was a feel-good romance with hints of angst, and it gets 4.5 stars. ♥

Re-release Date: 05 September 2016

Date Read: 05 September 2016

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