Review: Love Restored by Carrie Ann Ryan (Gallagher Brothers #1)

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Bestselling author Carrie Ann Ryan's popular Montgomery Ink series has spawned a spin-off series, Gallagher Brothers, featuring the three brothers of Jake Gallagher, whose love story with Maya Montgomery and Border Gentry was told in Ink Enduring. This is my first ever Carrie Ann Ryan read, which obviously means I've never had the pleasure of reading the original series, even though I have a number of the books on my e-reader. While my curiosity was piqued, especially when it came to the relationship Jake has with Maya and Border, Love Restored, did well as a series starter, setting itself apart from the series it was spun off of and also making me quite interested in the Graham's two other brothers, Owen and Murphy, plus Jake, of course, but being the reader that I am, I'll have to work my way through all the previous books in the Montgomery Ink series before getting to Jake, Border, and Maya's love story.

The first Gallagher brother featured in this new series is eldest brother Graham, a man who is both guarded and grumpy. He's paired with the new piercer over at Montgomery Ink, Blake Brennan. Graham is a man who has experienced an immeasurable loss, one that he has never completely gotten over. He keeps his focus on the home restoration business that he and his brothers own, bringing old houses back to their glory. Their latest project has him butting heads from the get-go with the estate's executor. Blake reminds him a little too much of his ex-wife but there's no denying that Graham is intensely attracted to the equally prickly woman. When he sees her again at Montgomery Ink, he's even more intrigued. Blake is an enigma he isn't sure he can afford to get too close to, but also one he can't help but want to figure out. But Blake has her secrets, ones she hasn't shared with anyone and for good reason. Can he restore her faith in love?

I quite enjoyed this series starter. It was a fast-paced story about taking risks when it comes to love and life. I suspect that it's underlying theme as far as the entire series is concerned is about family and how the Gallagher men have always had each other's back, even in the worst of circumstances, every single one of them enduring challenges but knowing the three other Gallaghers were there to provide love, understanding, and support. All four brothers seem to have different personalities, but Graham was the surliest, with Blake meeting him with snark. They were equally matched, both with their own personal pain, with Graham having buried his and Blake having run from hers. I liked getting to know both of them, but there's one particular supporting character that I adored. I won't mention who it is because I don't want to spoil it for those who haven't read it yet, but she was a scene-stealer. 4.5 stars for Love Restored. ♥

Date Read: 14 September 2016

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