Review: Finding Our Forever by Andee Michelle (Defining Moments #2)

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Author Andee Michelle's Defining Moments series, which began with the story of a second chance at finding true love between divorced mother of three and aspiring chef Ellie Harper and widower, restaurateur, and professional chef Saint Cordero, continues with Finding Our Forever. Overlapping with the events that occur in the book before it--beginning with the car accident that lands Ellie in the hospital--this is the love story of Ellie's son Elijah Harper, who is a twenty-year-old pre-law college student and brother to his twin Benjamin and younger brother Destry, and Sara Calhoun, the twenty-three-year-old registered nurse who takes care of Ellie when she's hospitalized. Eli and Sara are much younger than Ellie and Saint before them, but their tale proved to be as worthwhile and as interesting, albeit also frustrating.

Eli Harper has never been in a committed relationship with a woman, preferring to stick with hook-ups and making it clear that he isn't looking for anything more. But when he meets his beloved mother's nurse, there's something about her that captures his attention. Sara Calhoun may be three years older than him but that doesn't even factor in his wanting to spend whatever free time he has with her. Neither one wants commitment but from the look of things, they're non-relationship is about to become more...until it's tested, making them both of them take stock. Is either one really prepared to take that next step and be a couple or should they take a step--or several steps--back and decide that a relationship isn't in the cards for them? Does distance make the heart grow fonder or will distance prove they were never meant to be?

I'm thinking that Eli picked up the run-and-hide gene from his mom Ellie because the guy walking away and keeping mum far longer than required was frustrating. The guy was saying one thing but his actions were relaying a completely different message and I get why Sara made the choices she did when it came to how to handle his presence, whether in person or even via text messages. Maybe it's because he's younger than she is but maturity doesn't necessarily have anything to do with one's age. I really liked Sara because she had a strong head on her shoulders and had an open and caring heart but she never allowed anyone to break it beyond repair. I will say that my curiosity with as far as Eli's brothers has been piqued even more in the second book, and I look forward to reading more from this series. 4.5 stars for Finding Our Forever. ♥


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Date Read: September 11, 2016

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