Review: Fall Together by Isobel Starling (Pretty Boy #1)

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I've read and enjoyed Isobel Starling's ongoing romantic suspense Shatterproof Bond series, so reading the first book in her Pretty Boy series was a no-brainer. Originally released in March of 2015 under the title of Schönling, which is German for "pretty boy". Now entitled Fall Together, this full-length series starter is a contemporary romance between a forty-year-old British artist named Emily Raven and a twenty-eight-year-old German model named Pieter Bayer. With this being the second edition, I can't honestly tell you if any re-editing had been done or if additional text has been added. There was also a prologue novella released after the original publication of the first edition, but New York's in Love, is currently list as unavailable on Amazon, but I'm guessing that it isn't mandatory to read it before this one.

Emily Raven and Pieter Bayer meet while on the Tube and strike up a conversation that brings to light the fact that they share a mutual friend. Art director Darien Hollgoode is enough of a connection for them to spend a little bit more together, but it is only after a shared kiss that things between Emily and Pieter truly escalate into less platonic, far more erotic territory. There are a dozen years between them, they come from two different countries, and Pieter is bisexual, but the passion and desire they feel for each other overrides everything else. Unfortunately, not everyone around them is thrilled over the pairing, especially not Pieter's best friend and fellow model, Simeon Duchamp, who has been harboring romantic feelings for Pieter for some time. But could it be the secret Darien has on Pieter that could bring it all crashing down?

There have been several books that have had a bisexual character falling in love with a gay character that have graced my e-reader, but I can honestly say that this is the first time I've read a book that had a bisexual character falling in love with someone from the opposite sex. Maybe that says something about my love for M/M books, but I'm a fan of romance novels in general, and I'm always happy when I come across a book that's different, creative, and of course, written well enough to be understood and enjoyed. Emily and Pieter's love story is unique and it's certainly both sweet and steamy. There are twists in the story that keep it interesting and move everything forward, and this book left me curious about Simeon, whose own story gets told in the next full-length novel. All in all, Fall Together was a good four-star read. ♥

Date Read: 11 September 2016

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