Review: The Debt by Karina Halle (The McGregors #5)

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Ah, those McGregors. Each one has a presence about them that makes it difficult to forget them even when you've reached the last page of their respective stories. That's exactly the case with the latest McGregor, Keir, and his story is told in only the way bestselling author Karina Halle can in The Debt. Keir McGregor has a debt to pay to Jessica Charles and he's tried looking for her but it takes fate to make their paths intersect. Jessica has no clue who Keir is. She's trying to move forward with her life after surviving a shooting that took the lives of others and left her with an injured leg and suddenly single when her boyfriend decides he doesn't want to stick around. When she meets Keir, there's something about the Scotsman that makes her feel safe...and loved. But Keir knows the secret he's keeping from her will devastate her and could very well spell the end of what they had. When Jessica learns the truth, she may be forced to wonder which was worse: the shooting that haunts her or that Keir knows far more about it?

Intense. That's what this story was from the very beginning. It's impossible to turn away from the story because from the moment that prologue grabs your attention. Jessica's life wasn't the only one changed forever by the shooting. The burden Keir carries with him from the moment he learned of the shooting has weighed heavily on him and the connection he has to the event and to Jessica is the intriguing thing that makes you want to keep reading the story. Except for that one secret that he's hiding from her, everything else about Keir and Jessica was honest. But see, you know that the truth will have to come out and my heart went out to both Keir and Jessica, because they were so heavily invested in one another but it could all be taken away from them in one fell swoop. This book had me swirling in emotions that were difficult to keep at bay. Like I mentioned in the beginning, resisting a McGregor is an exercise in futility and I loved Keir as well as Jessica. The Debt is among one of my favorites in the series and gets five stars. ♥


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Date Read: 02 September 2016

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