Review: Change of Heart by Nicole Jacquelyn (Fostering Love #2)

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"What if something happened to her? What would that do you?" 
"Nothing's going to happen her, Abraham," Ani said, reaching out to touch me, then dropping her arm as I dodged her. 
I couldn't take her hands on me then. I felt too volatile, my emotions too close to the surface. 
"But what if something did?" I asked, throwing my hands in the air. 
"What are you so afraid of?" 
"Losing everything!" I yelled, my chest heaving. "If I lost you, I might survive. Barely. If I lost both of you? I'd be a fucking dead man."

Oops, she did it again! Nicole Jacquelyn took my mended heart--having broken it already once with Unbreak My Heart, the Fostering Love series starter--and shredded it to pieces once more. I'm in deep with this clan of biological, adopted, and fostered children belonging to the Harris and Evans couples. From the moment each of these kids was introduced in the first book, it was difficult not to be affected by their respective stories and to not be curious about whatever lay in wait as this already addictive series evolves. Dan and Liv Evans have four children: identical twins Abraham and Alexander, whom they adopted, Katherine, their only biological child, and Anita, their foster daughter. Mike and Ellie Harris have three sons, adopted children Trevor and Henry and foster son Shane. Even though their stories play out on an e-reader, it felt real, evoking visceral thoughts and feelings on my end, and I'm sure, from other readers. With Change of Heart, tragedy once again sadly takes place, but from it love and family triumph.

Abraham Evans has always seen his foster sister is an annoyance. He cares about her as someone belonging to the same family would, but she never failed to push his buttons, triggering arguments with him the moment she opened her mouth with some asinine commentary. Following him to a dive bar and seeing a part of him that he rarely shared with anyone else has Anita Martin overstepping her bounds, but it also leads them to doing the unthinkable. That one illicit event triggers something between Bram and Ani, and it has them both confused and unsure. The only thing they're sure of is how much they drive each other crazy, in bed and out of it. Keeping their sexual relationship secret is far more difficult than they anticipated, with them acting differently toward each other than they used to. Neither one is looking for commitment, but just when they decide to give it a shot, Ani makes a decision that leaves Bram contemplating what it is his wants: his life to go as he expects or one with the unexpected woman he loves.

I had to grab a couple of tissues while reading this second in a series, especially at one particular point in the novel. Bram is a very complex man and his issues are deeply rooted in the life he had prior to being fostered and adopted, along with his twin Alex, by the Evanses. His protectiveness of Kate in the first book and the way he is with Ani are easier to understand once you discover what it is that's made him the man he is today. He is, indeed, very different from Alex, but they both share a deep love for their family, both immediate and extended. There's a levity to Bram's relationship with Ani, their banter both witty and annoying, a comfortableness that you wouldn't think possible between such volatile personalities. Aside from Bram and Ani's love-hate story, there's a life-altering event that affects both the Harris and Evan families, one that lays the foundation for Trevor's story, though  to be honest, it's Alex's that I'm anticipating most. Either way, I'm excited to continue the series and give Change of Heart five-plus stars. ♥


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Date Read: 06 September 2016

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