Review: The 48-Hour Hookup by Sarah Ballance (Chase Brothers #4)

Note: This ARC was provided by Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

"Then you can stop glaring at me. unless it's because you think I'm hot, at which point I might suggest you rework your come hither look." 
"I am not giving you that look." 
"Which was my point," he said. 
Her eyes narrowed. "There will be no hithering. Yeah, I think you're hot--" 
"Stupendously hot," he added helpfully. 
She rolled her eyes. "But as previously mentioned, I am incapable of making good decisions about men. I don't care how fling-worthy you are. I'm done. 
"Fling-worthy? His every muscle tensed. "You've thought of...flinging with me?"

I'm feeling torn. I absolutely adored The 48-Hour Hookup, the fourth book in author Sarah Ballance's Chase Brothers romantic comedy--and a personal all-time favorite--series from Entangled Publishing's Lovestruck imprint. On the other hand, this being the fourth book also means it's the final one, what with their only being four brothers, so I'm sad that this fantastically fun and flirty ride has come to an end. Unless, of course, there's a brother (or two) that's hidden away somewhere, maybe having been given up for adoption or something. No? Well, one can only hope, because this was a series that I enjoyed from the moment I first picked up the series starter, Five Things I Love About You, and it's a love affair that never waned. Of course, if the series had to end, I couldn't have chosen a better way to do than with the youngest in the Chase brood, Liam's, story. The wit and humor that never fail to bring a smile to my face with a pinch of angst for those heartstring-tugging moments that I've come to expect from this Sarah Ballance series were melded seamlessly well and reinforced why I fell just as quickly and as hard for these books as Crosby, Sawyer, Ethan, and Liam Chase did for the women who proved to be the true loves of their lives.

Liam Chase has had just about enough of the supposed fame he is no longer basking in. All it took was one photo of him all sweaty and dirtied up while working on heat pump that went viral for him to be nicknamed "Hot HVAC Guy". Fusion Air may have received more calls from potential customers because of the photo, but more often than not, those calls were from women who simply wanted to ogle Liam once he showed up at their place. When a new call means having to drive all the way to Dry Mountain, Liam jumps on it. A bit of snowboarding and some peace and quiet is exactly what he needs, but one fallen tree landing on his brand new truck and a snowstorm later, he's no longer sure if he made the right choice. He's stuck in an old lodge with Claire Stevens, a television news reporter who's been dubbed the "Runaway Bride" after having left two grooms and one boyfriend unceremoniously. Whatever strides she's made at work are overshadowed by unwelcome infamy. Spending time at the lodge she inherited was supposed to help cool down all the gossip and rumors, but things heat up soon enough. For forty-eight hours, they're just Liam and Claire, but can they ever leave behind the mess of Hot HVAC Guy and the Runaway Bride?

When a Chase brother falls in love, it's never conventional and it's far from boring. I mean, come on! How adorably awkward were Liam and Claire when they were spending those forty-eight hours trapped by a snowstorm? This isn't the first book I've read that had the two main characters stuck in one place for a given amount of time due to an act of nature, but this is definitely the first one that made use of an accidental seduction and made it far more memorable than anything in the same setting I may have read prior to it. These two were sweet and silly and almost seem to have not realized just how sexy and sassy they were as well. Another first? A chocolate-stealing, banana-stuffing raccoon named Stanley. You thought it would be named Bandit, didn't you? Stanley made full use of his time in the spotlight and takes the cake as most unforgettable furry animal in a story so far this year. Liam and Claire's love story had me smiling and laughing as well as oohing and aahing in all the right places. If you're as much of a Chase Brothers fangirl as I am, fear not because the first three couples--Crosby and Estelle, Sawyer and Kelsie, and Ethan and Rue--more than make their presence felt. The 48-Hour Hookup is a five-plus-starred rom-com gem of a read and the perfect end to the five-plus-starred and all-time favorite Chase Brothers series. ♥


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Release Date: 12 September 2016

Date Read: 12 September 2016

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