Review: The Consequence of Revenge by Rachel Van Dyken (Consequence #2)

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Max Emory is aimlessly living his life and his best friend's brother has had enough of it and decides to cook up a plan to get revenge for constantly messing with him and to get him off his ass--he signs Max up as the next bachelor for Love Island, a reality show that pits several single women against one another in hopes of winning his love, but at the end of their time on the island, the girl Max chooses will have to decide if she wants Max, the prize money, or both. The thing is, Max has plans of his own and joins forces with Becca, a contestant who's honest about her intention for joining the show. Max will choose Becca to win and Becca will keep Max safe from the other girls. However, even revenge has its own set of consequences.

Rachel Van Dyken stepped her game up and came up with an even better story than the first one, which I loved and enjoyed, in this Consequence series. The Consequence of Revenge brings back our favorite cast of characters and finally tells the story of book one scene-stealer Max Emory (hooray for him finally getting a surname!). Ever since his best friend, Milo Caro, married the only guy she's ever loved and her brother's best friend, Colt Matthews, it's almost as if Max has lost his purpose in life. When a camera crew shows up at a café where Max crashed and burned with the barista he was flirting with and informs him that he's the new bachelor of Love Island, he's thrown for a loop and later discovers Jason Caro, Milo's brother, masterminded the whole scheme and even got Milo and Colt to help him "audition" clueless Max.

On the flight over, Max realizes that the barista he was flirting with a few days ago just happens to be one of the contestants on the show, Becca (who has no surname...I checked!). Seeing how upfront she is about participating because she needs the money, Max decides that they should work together in order to guarantee the best case scenario for both of them. What follows is a heck of a lot hilarity as Max tries to keep his wits about him once the cameras are on while building a friendship with Becca that soon evolves into something more for both of them. Once Max's brother, Reid, shows up as part of the crew and bent on his idea of vengeance, and then the rest of the gang--Milo, Colt, and Jason--join in, life on the island gets all the more interesting as Max and Becca try to remain steps ahead of the contestants and the crew.

Max may have stolen the show in book one with he certainly my heart here in book two. Here was this good looking and drool-worthy guy who had a really good heart and a mind that was capable of more than coming up with ways to mess with his friends or with pick-up lines to hook girls with. He was funny but had a serious and sensitive side to him as well and proved to be a very loyal friend and protective brother. He may be flirty but certainly not flighty and after reading this book, he's now on my list of favorite book boyfriends (BBFs). I'm not sure who between Jason and Reid will get their story told next but I'm already looking forward to reading both, regardless of what order they come in. The Consequence of Revenge can be read as a standalone but I recommend reading the books in order. This 2015 must-read gets five stars! ♥

Release Date: 09 June 2015

Date Read: 04 June 2015

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