Author Spotlight: Laurelin McGee, Miss Match

In line with the release of their first full-length novel, Miss Match, authors Laurelin Paige and Kayti McGee, also known under the pseudonym of Laurelin McGee, graciously answered a few questions so we can all get to know this writing duo and their work a little better. ^.^


A Q&A with Laurelin McGee

1.     What is the overall series about?

This is great, no one’s asked us this one. The two books and novella that comprise the series are all standalones, and Love Struck isn’t even through edits yet. However, the overall theme of each story is of overcoming your past. In Miss Match, Andy’s coming off a really bad experience with a prior boss, and it’s hard to let Blake in. In MisTaken (available in Lora Leigh’s Hot Alphas anthology), it’s Jaylene’s crazy feminism that she has to reconcile with the hot guy who wants to dominate her in bed. We’re big believers that your history should never stand in the way of true love--or hot sex!

2.     What inspired the two of you to become a writing team?

A mutual friend had posted a craigslist ad that inspired Miss Match (it’s the story opener, in fact) and we both dibsed the idea. We already got together about once a month to write our solo projects over Bloody Mary’s, so we thought why not try writing together? It was a perfect match.

3.     If Miss Match were to be made into a movie, who would you cast as Andrea Dawson and Blake Donovan and why?

Emma Stone and Paul Rudd are our current dream cast. They’re both super funny and super attractive. So it’s a combination of thinking they’d nail the characters and wanting to watch them kiss.

4.     Given a chance to swap lives for a day, what advice would you give each other before the swap?

Kayti would definitely want Laurelin to know that her apartment is prone to spiders, that the chocolate and wine are above the fridge, and that she needs an oil change please and thank you. 

Laurelin would prefer Kayti not sleep with her husband.

5.     What are your words of wisdom for aspiring writers out there?

It sounds trite, but practice really does make perfect. Write a lot. Also, read a lot. In your genre and outside of it, they both teach you. Joining a writing group or two is also a good idea. Not only do they keep you inspired and motivated, but having people you trust to give you critiques is invaluable.

Thanks for having us, and we hope you love Miss Match the way we do!

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My sincerest thanks to Laurelin McGee for the interview and to Michelle Cashman of St. Martin's Press for facilitating it. ♥

Make sure you check out my four-starred review for Miss Match and get yourselves a copy of the book at the following e-retailers: Amazon | B&N | Kobo | iBooks | Google Play.


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