Review: Over My Brother's Dead Body, Chase Andrews by Piper Rayne (Kingsmen Football Stars #3)

Note: An advance reader copy (ARC) was provided by the authors via Valentine PR.

Is it just me or did it feel like this series ended way sooner than I was prepared for it to? But then, I guess, that's what happens you grow attached really quickly to a cast of characters that you can't get enough of. The not-so-good news: Over My Brother's Dead Body, Chase Andrews is the third full-length novel and the conclusion to the Kingsmen Football Stars series; The great news: There is a spin-off series on the docket, with the first two books slated for release later this year, and the third one early next year. But I digress. If I had to choose the perfect way to not only close out this current series and tease the upcoming one, I couldn't have possibly come up with anything better than what the fabulous writing duo of Piper and Rayne put together--a grumptastic tight end who has zero fucks to give...except maybe when it comes to a burst of sunshiny goodness elementary school teacher who got her heart broken. And did I mention that she just happens to be the younger sister of one of his teammates and closest friends?

Chase Andrews isn't necessarily a lone wolf. He's got his circle of friends, and he does spend time with his fellow San Francisco Kingsmen, but he also likes his space and makes no apologies for being who he is. Then Piper Cavanaugh moves in next door, and while he's been able to keep his distance in the past, he realizes that resistance to her (and a kitten later dubbed Zeus) becomes futile. She's sweet, smart, and sassy, and he actually has no aversion to having him around, which tells you--and everyone else around them--something. But as drawn as they may be to each other, any sort of long-term future isn't guaranteed. After all, it's only been a few months since her fiancé ended their engagement, and Piper is only in San Francisco for a predetermined period of time, meaning she'll be heading back to Connecticut. Then there's the fact that she's Miles's sister, and while he and Chase may be close friends, both Chase and Piper know that her highly protective won't be thrilled at them being together. But are they a couple?

The grumpy/sunshine romance trope has become a favorite of mine over the past year or so, and if any two main characters embody it, they're none other than Chase and Piper, respectively. I absolutely enjoyed seeing these two develop as individuals, thank in large part to their presence in each other's lives. No, Chase didn't miraculously become this happy-as-a-clam sort of guy, but he did end up being less of a grouch. On the other hand, Piper learned to speak up a bit more and saw that she could put herself and her needs and wants first. I also liked seeing them go from two people who had their fair share of awkwardness and were merely connected through her brother, Miles, to improbable friends, then secret lovers before becoming more. Another thing I appreciated was that there wasn't this prolonged separation and distance when the inevitable conflict came into play. Just a quick spoiler alert: No brothers nor their bodies (dead or otherwise) were harmed in the reading of Over My Brother's Dead Body, Chase Andrews. Five stars!


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Release Date: 04 April 2023

Date Read: 25 March 2023

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