Review: Runaway Love by Melanie Harlow (Cherry Tree Harbor #1)

Note: An advance reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author.

Melanie Harlow's back and she's bringing fans and readers the first in her new small-town romance series, Cherry Tree Harbor. With Runaway Love, she pairs up a runaway bride and a single father looking for a nanny for his two kids. Getting a sext from the man you're about to marry is nothing new; realizing that it was meant for someone else, however, well, let's just say that it gives you something to think about. It also leads twenty-nine-year-old Veronica Sutton to call of her wedding in the most memorable way possible. Now, she's lost in the small town of Cherry Tree Harbor with close to nothing in her name and in desperate need of a job. As luck would have it, thirty-two-year-old handyman Austin Buckley desperately needs a live-in nanny for his seven-year-old twins, Owen and Adelaide. But his first impression of Roni isn't exactly giving him much confidence, what with her in a wedding gown and being a dancer with nary a single thing that makes her qualified to be a caregiver for his children. It doesn't matter that she's gorgeous and has a way with Owen and Addie, there's no way Austin would hire her...or fall for someone who doesn't seem like the type that would stay. Even if she may run away with his heart.

No one quite does small-town, single-parent romance quite like Melanie Harlow, and she's definitely got my attention with this first book set in the fictional town of Cherry Tree Harbor. The meet-cute between Veronica and Austin was a hilariously memorable one, but such is the case when a woman you intend to interview to be your children's nanny shows up in a wedding gown--and not a costume one either! I loved the chemistry between them, and the push and pull that existed because they were trying their darnedest to resist each other. With Austin being the oldest among the Buckley siblings, it was interesting to see what differences existed among them as well as what traits they did share, albeit these were just tiny glimpses into the four younger siblings. I do enjoy it when an author delves into those familial relationships, making me become more emotionally invested in said family as the series moves forward. Runaway Love ran away with my heart, and I so cannot wait for more from Cherry Tree Harbor. 4.5 stars!

Release Date: 04 May 2023

Date Read: 25 April 2023

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