Review: Savior by S.L. Scott (Kingwood #2)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Remember that evil cliffhanger from Savage, the first book in the Kingwood duet? Well, the fate of one Sara Jane Grayson was left hanging and everyone who's been waiting the past four or so weeks to find out what happened gets it with Savior, the conclusion this saga filled with twists upon twists and turns upon turns. Here, Sara Jane and the love of her life, Alexander Roman Kingwood IV, continue to fall--and I'm not just talking about falling in love but falling into so much more. If you've read the first book and you've formulated a hypothesis of sorts as to what's waiting for you in this second book? Hang on tight because not everything is as it may seem and the fight for survival for both Alexander and Sara Jane is bound to become more dire. Who will fall victim and who will survive?

If you're expecting me to divulge snippets about what goes on in this book, I'm sorry to disappoint you. This is a romantic suspense thriller and I'm paranoid enough to think that whatever I end up mentioning here is going end up looking like--and probably actually is--a spoiler. The most important thing for those of you who are new to the Kingwood duet need to take note of is that neither book can be read on it's own. They MUST be read in order or you'll seriously find yourself scratching your head as to what the hell is going on if you dive into Savior without having read Savage first. I mentioned a cliffhanger at the beginning of this review--and it was truly an evil one--so if you're the type who abhors cliffhangers, rest easy, because you get the resolution to it with book two's publication.

S.L. Scott hits the mark with this much anticipated follow-up. Expectations were high for a lot of readers after what she gave us in Savage, and I'm happy to say that she met them, at the very least, she met the personal ones that I set. There's a lot that happens in this second novel, and it isn't necessarily a quick read, but by the time it was all over and done with, it almost felt as if not a lot of time had passed. Scott made sure had me hooked with book one, and in book two, I was sunk. Sara Jane and Alexander endure a lot of challenges, each one affecting their relationship in one way or another. These two fought hard to get to their happy ending and it was one that they deserved. Savior receives five stars, and now, the wait begins for the mysterious Jason Koster's story in September. ♥


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Release Date: 13 August 2017

Date Read: 12 August 2017

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