Review: Savage by S.L. Scott (Kingwood #1)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Why?! Why would you leave me hanging the way you did what that evil cliffhanger, S.L. Scott?! Waaaaah!!! You weaved this fantastic story in Savage filled with romance and sex and suspense and star-crossed lovers and then BAM! Major heartrending cliffy! Just more proof that life isn't fair. But fine, I'll wait for the month and a week it'll take before the conclusion of the Kingwood duet is released on August 13th. Because I desperately need answers!

For those of you wondering why I'm acting a tad (yes, JUST a tad) like a fangirl, Savage is the story of Alexander Kingwood IV and Sara Jane Grayson, who meet on the day that Alexander's mother is put to rest. She's a week shy of turning eighteen and he's nineteen, and from the moment they lock gazes on each other, it's as if fate and destiny have joined forces to ensure these two realize that they're meant to be. That is, until reality wreaks havoc...

Notice the lack of information? Well, this is the kind of read that you need to go into and experience as the story unravels. Yes, Alexander and Sara Jane are very much in love, but the prologue alone will tell you that not all is well. Their story is told in the present and in flashback and from both their points of view. It's a lovely tale of true love, the kind you would kill for, but all tales have a dark side to them. Here? The shadow cast could kill them first.

If you're the type to become easily frustrated by cliffhangers, then I'm going to suggest you wait till the release of Savior next month. The cliffhanger in Savage had me nearly flinging my tablet in self-indulgent outrage. There's no snippet to give you even the tiniest of clues as to what awaits Alexander and Sara Jane. Whether you decide to wait or not, Savage is, hands down, one of the best releases from S.L. Scott ever. It's one hell of a five-starred read. ♥

Date Read: 08 July 2017

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