Review: Porter by Georgia Cates (Men of Lovibond #3)

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Thirty-year-old Porter Beckman needs an intern and the only application that stands out among all the duds in the pile belongs to a twenty-one-year-old college graduate with impressive qualifications named Frances Adeline Dawson. When she comes in for her interview, it takes a minute for Porter to realize that Frances is none other than Frankee, the daughter of one of the Lovibond employees that have become like family. She clearly done a great deal of growing up since he last saw her. Gone is the tomboy with short hair, baggy clothes, and no make-up and was crushing on him at sixteen; in her place is a gorgeous young woman who had achieved a lot in the five years since. That crush? It's become something far more...potent...and mutual. There's no harm to a secret summer fling, right? Pretty soon though, both Porter and Frankee are hoping for the fling to become more of a forever thing.  Maybe they can have the kind of happy ending that Porter's best friends have as well. But then a mistake Porter's made in the past comes back with consequences and could cost him a happy ending with Frankee.

Bestselling author Georgia Cates brings her Men of Lovibond series to a close with Porter, which is the story of the last among the three beer-crafting trio of best friends who make up the core of Lovibond. The nine-year age difference between Porter and Frankee wasn't all that scandalous. If anything was taboo about these two engaging in any sort of relationship was the fact that she was his intern and, to a lesser degree, that she was the daughter of one of their employees. Setting the shock or taboo value aside, Porter and Frankee had a great deal of chemistry going on between them and while they may have thought that this was purely temporary for them, it was obvious that they were headed for that line that would either have them crossing over to something permanent or to the end of it all. The complication that they're forced to confront certainly tested them to a degree, and it provided some tension of the non-sexual kind. The story played out the way I expected it to, so there weren't any surprises, This series as a whole satisfied from beginning to end, and like those before it, Porter was a solid 4.5-starred read. ♥


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Release Date: 04 August 2017

Date Read: 04 August 2017

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