Review: Irresistible You by Kate Meader (Chicago Rebels #1)

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I'm a sucker for the tension that comes in the form of a fabulously written enemies to lovers romance and Kate Meader sucked me in (see what I did there?) from the moment thirty-one-year-old Harper Chase and thirty-five-year-old Remy DuPre meet. Harper is the new co-owner of the Chicago Rebels, the professional hockey team that her father left to her and her two half-sisters, a move that shocked her, especially since she was expecting the team would go to her and her alone. On the other hand, Remy is a veteran player and the center for the Boston Cougars and nicknamed Jinx for his spate of bad luck in clinching the one that continues to elude him: the Stanley Cup. So, what happens when the co-owner of the team with the second to the last worst standing in the NHL decides to make a trade for the player who believes he's part of a team that has the makings of winning the Cup? Fireworks!

The romance between Harper and Remy was one hell of a delicious read! These two didn't hesitate to let the other have it when it came to their differences of opinion as far as the futures of Remy and the Chicago Rebels were concerned. All that tension between them, of course, belied just how hot they were for each other, a fact that they tried to deny until the inevitable happened. But hello, Harper's one of the owners of the team, the same team she told her two sisters they shouldn't get involved with in any sort of intimate fashion--sexually or romantically or both. Easier said than done, especially since it seems Harper can't practice what she preaches. But why risk it all for something temporary? After all, that's all that's between her and Remy, right? He's leaving in the middle of the season for greener, more Cup-worthy pastures. What if Remy's minou is reason enough for him to stay in Chicago?

There were some serious squee-worthy moments in this first full-length novel in Kate Meader's Chicago Rebels series. Irresistible You is, fittingly enough, an irresistible read. It's got that perfect balance of sweet romanticism and sexy eroticism. Think of it as having the naughty and the nice and all of it written in the smooth way that Meader employs when she tells us a love story worth reading. At the start of the story, Harper and Remy are led by their individual ambitions, setting separate goals for themselves, and come hell or high water, they were willing to do what was necessary in order to get it all. It's only when they're finally together that those goals merge, and it was fun and heartwarming watching them get to that point. One other thing I loved was the side story involving the three sisters and their growing sisterhood. I can't wait for more of the Rebels and give Irresistible You five stars. ♥


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Date Read: 13 August 2017

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