Review: In Skates Trouble by Kate Meader (Chicago Rebels #0.5)

Bestselling author Kate Meader starts off her new series with a sweet and sexy story between a thirty-two-year-old model turned fashion designer and a twenty-six-year-old right winger for the Stanley Cup-winning team. In Skates Trouble introduces readers to Addison Williams and Ford Callaghan, and we get glimpses of a few of the more notable side characters who I'm guessing will be making numerous appearances--and maybe even get their own time in the spotlight--as the series progresses. I read and enjoyed the author's Hot in Chicago and Tall, Dark, and Texan series (I still have to make time to read her Hot in the Kitchen one!), so I was looking forward to seeing how Meader would take on the sports romance genre, and well, she's started things off on the right skate, erm, foot!

Addy and Ford have one heck of a memorable meet-cute, all courtesy of a bit of eavesdropping. Things are said and done in the dark, but in the light of day, everything gets even better because these two have sizzling chemistry together. Naturally, there are complications that go beyond the six-year age difference (well, five and a half, as Ford prefers to point out). Addy is a woman Ford shouldn't get involved with, not when he knows all to well who she once was married to. It doesn't matter that she's divorced--just ask her ex-husband. So, secret hook-ups and taking what they can get is all they're limited to, but there's no denying that these two are falling for each other. Making a go of something far more long-term will require them to finally come out of the dark and step into the harsh light.

Originally part of the Hot on Ice anthology which was release in March of this year, I loved how this novella gave a whole lot of story in a limited number of pages. I adored Ford and Addy as a couple. They were fun and flirty and their personalities helped make this the lighthearted read that I wanted it to be. Now, being the angst addict that I am, I'm happy to report that there was enough of it added to this story to more than satisfy me. I swear, I only need a dash of it and I'm a happy camper. I gushed over how romantic Ford was and the guy seriously went above and beyond for the woman he loved, and kudos to Addy for standing up for her guy over her bully of an ex. There was tension between one particular couple, and they're up next in Irresistible You. Five stars for In Skates Trouble. ♥

Date Read: 13 August 2017

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