Review: When Life Happened by Jewel E. Ann

Note: This ARC was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Parker didn’t love him for his perfections; she loved him for his flaws that begged for a second chance—that vulnerable part of his soul searching for its place in the world. She wanted to be that place.

Can Jewel E. Ann do—write—no wrong?! Save for two, I've read all of her novels and I have yet to be disappointed (knock on wood!). There's just something about this author's storytelling style that doesn't just appeal to me—it tickles my fiction-loving fancy, proving to me time and again that no one quite weaves a novel like she does. You could go ahead and peruse the blurb for her latest standalone, When Life Happened, but keep in mind that this is a Jewel E. Ann. What does that mean? Expect the unexpected. Or heck, just go into it free of any expectations (other than it being a well-written story and having quirky characters). There's nothing typical about this book, and while the blurb may make you automatically think that it's about cheating, think again. Remember: this is Jewel E. Ann's.

It took her boyfriend cheating on her—with her identical twin sister of all people—for Parker Cruse to finally do the one thing she should have been doing all along: grow up. At twenty-six, she's going out of her comfort zone to see what life is like on the outside (of her parents' house) and what most adults actually do (earn a living). When she's employed as her neighbor's personal assistant, Parker is excited to do whatever is asked of her. She's pretty sure that her to-do list, however, does not include falling for her boss's husband, August Westman. She knows what it's like to have someone you love cheat on you, so why would she want anyone else to befall the same fate? When Parker decided it was time for her to live her life, there were no guarantees as to how it would all happen. 

The author takes a piece of my heart each time I read—and fall for—a book she's written. At the rate she's going, there'll be nothing left of it. You may think you know where Parker's story will be going, but trust me, you don't. With her patented wit and creativity, Jewel E. Ann has given us one young woman's life story and as Parker goes on her journey at twenty-six, it's a privilege to be along for the ride. She moves forward, backs up, goes in circles, but isn't life like that for everyone? I don't want to give anything away because this is the kind of book that you need to experience for yourself. Maybe have a tissue or two on-hand, especially if you're an emotional reader like me. Other than that, just be ready to tuck in and enjoy. I'm highly recommending When Life Happened. Five-plus stars. ♥

Date Read: 09 June 2017

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