Review: Sex Ed by Z.B. Heller

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review.

Sex Ed is my first full-length Z.B. Heller, my first reading experience having been her contribution to the multi-authored Hook & Ladder 69 anthology last year. After finishing this M/M romantic comedy standalone and a quick check on Goodreads has me realizing that it's actually a spin-off of the author's The Chronicles of Moxie series, which features the parents of one of the main characters of Sex Ed. I'm considering adding said series to my never-ending to-be-read list, especially after seeing how nutty the aforementioned Moxie of the series was, but I digress.

Twenty-three-year-old comic book enthusiast, aspiring comic book artist, and comic book store employee Jaxson Dane is a virgin, a secret that's shared with his overly involved family during dinner where the nurse he's crushing on is an unexpected guest. The same nurse who attended to him during an unfortunate incident with...umm...the Jackhammer. But twenty-five-year-old Tyler Mason is smitten by the gorgeous geek, and he's more than interested in providing hands-on sexual education. If only Jax can manage to get himself together and quit landing in the ER...

There were some definite smile- and laughter-inducing moments in this rom-com. Both Jaxson and Tyler are highly likable main characters, and their slow burn romance is a testament to delayed gratification. Jax is accident-prone, but there's something endearing about this bumbling artist who's ruled by his insecurities and lack of confidence and can't quite figure out what it is about him Tyler wants. Tyler, being the far more experienced one, does learn that it's okay for him to invest in a relationship outside of his work responsibilities and to his teen nephew, Colton.

This book has a core group of supporting characters who provide most of the humor--which range from snark-filled ones to slapstick. There are moments where the insults thrown around by Jaxson's twin sister become repetitive and the antics that these peripheral characters seem way over the top, but they were mostly entertaining and enjoyable. If I had friends and relatives like Jaxson's, I'd probably avoid gatherings because these people knew no boundaries. But while their methods are often dubious, their intentions are well-meant and they did love Jaxson.

Now, the copy I had on-hand was an ARC, so I'm hoping the errors that I came across were corrected before the book was published. In terms of the story, methinks the actual sex ed wasn't the actual highlight nor was it was prevalent as I would have expected. That isn't necessarily a bad thing though and errors aside, I did like what I read and the cast of characters is one that was peppered with many a scene-stealer. I wonder if there'll be a spin-off in the works for some of them. Overall, Sex Ed passed muster and I wouldn't say "no" to more from Heller. Four stars. ♥

Date Read: 31 May 2017

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