Review: Rock Star by Stacey Kennedy (Bad Boy Homecoming #5)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Tasty Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.

Author Stacey Kennedy's Rock Star is the fifth and final story in the multi-authored Bad Boy Homecoming series. While all five books can more or less be read as standalones, if you intend to read every single one of the stories, I'm recommending you read them in order--Dropout by Carrie Ann Ryan, Trouble by Avery Flynn, Prom Queen by Katee Robert, Honor by Kennedy Layne, and Rock Star by Stacey Kennedy. There are spoilers here concerning other couples in the series, so consider that fair warning. They're all fairly short reads, so I think one weekend will suffice.

Rock Star is the story of high school sweethearts Travis Walker and Rae Evans, who, at eighteen, went their separate ways in order to pursue their dreams--his to become a famous singer and songwriter and hers to become a veterinarian and open multiple clinics--even though they were both madly in love. At their tenth year high school reunion, Travis returns to Catfish Creek, Texas, the same place that Rae continues to call home. He hopes to find the one thing that he's been missing in the midst of all the fame and glory in his life, and that one thing is his Rae.

This was a fairly well-paced story and it plays out as one would expect when it comes to second chance romances. Both Travis and Rae achieved what they had set out to do ten years prior at the expense of their relationship. I liked that they had kept in touch during the decade apart because it proved that there was no bad blood about what happened. Travis was a good guy but for someone who makes a living out of putting his thoughts and emotions out there, I wish he had learned to fully commit to what he wanted from Rae and been honest about it.

Rae was the logical one between the two of them, but there was something about her that had me hesitating to fully like her. Maybe it was because she had a habit of being the one to walk or push Travis away, even though it was clear that she wanted to have her cake and eat it too--in short, she wanted Travis and to be a successful vet. The panic attack incident seemed so out of character, but hey, it looked like it was exactly what she needed. That and her best friends talking some sense into her. Overall, Rock Star was a pretty good, four-starred romance read. ♥

Release Date: 27 June 2017

Date Read: 27 June 2017

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