Review: Punched by Jacob Chance

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Give Me Books Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

Punched is my first Jacob Chance read, and if my suspicions prove to be right, it's the first in a sports romance series featuring mixed martial artists training at the same gym. This was a second chance romance with twenty-three-year-old Noah Nolan who is preparing for an upcoming title match as its male main character. Nicknamed "No-No" by his late father for less than inspiring reasons, Noah uses the moniker to push him forward, serving as a reminder as to who he will NOT become. He's worked long and hard to get to the point he's at now, and the last thing he needs is to be distracted. However, distraction walks in after four years of being away, and with twenty-two-year-old Reagan Collins serving as the general manager for the gym her father owns--her father being Noah's trainer--Noah's going to have to find a way to stay focused. But letting go of Reagan, especially the way he went about it, is his biggest regret in life. Maybe they could rekindle their friendship, but being friends is the last thing either one wants, not with them still so in love with the other. But what comes first for Noah: the title or the girl?

This was an overall good reading experience on my end. The book did pretty well with the amount of sport (MMA) and romance that was included. I wasn't too big of a fan of Noah's for about half of the book, not with his attitude nor his approach when it came to Reagan. He was able to win me over, however, in the most unexpected of ways--through a couple of flashbacks which showed just how deep and sincere his feelings were for Reagan. There wasn't much in terms of surprises, especially since it was pretty easy to figure out what motivated Noah to end things with Reagan four years prior and how everything would turn out in the end. Even with the lack of a twist in the story, I enjoyed the book. There is a point, however, near the end of the book that felt as if a situation--one which should have brought more tension between Noah and Reagan--was suddenly resolved with nary a discussion. It just felt weird and abrupt. Still, Punched comes off as a four-starred read, and with a few interesting peripheral characters from Noah's and Reagan's ends, I do hope I'm right when it comes to this being the first in a new series. ♥

Release Date: 15 June 2017

Date Read: 14 June 2017

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