Review: One Night with a SEAL by Tawny Weber & Beth Andrews (Uniformly Hot! #65)

Note: This ARC was provided by the authors via Barclay Publicity in exchange for an honest review.

One Night with a SEAL is part of the multi-authored Uniformly Hot! collection of books from Harlequin's Blaze imprint, and this latest release is a two-fer about twenty-eight-year-old fraternal twin brothers who happen to both be SEALs. This book brings together real-life best friends, bestselling author Tawny Weber and award-winning author Beth Andrews, with the former writing the story of Zane Bennett and cake artist and baker Vivian Harris and the latter penning the story of Xander Bennett and waitress Quinn Oswald. Both stories play out during the same time frame, with the tenth-year high school reunion of the Bennett brothers--and Quinn as well--as the backdrop.

Nicknamed the Bad Boy Bennetts, twin brothers Zane and Xander return to their hometown of Little Creek, Colorado to attend their tenth-year high school reunion. Part of the tradition they have with their friends is a challenge and the Bennetts have been known to never back down from a single one. The latest challenge involves getting Quinn Oswald to be someone's date for the reunion. Zane is game in the beginning, but he's quickly distracted by the sexy baker who just happens to be a friend's younger sister, twenty-four-year-old Vivian Harris. Xander, on the other hand, had a crush on Quinn in high school, but ten years later, could this crush become more?

There are parts of both stories that overlap, so while I'm guessing they can be read independently of one another, I'm recommending that they be read consecutively--and hey, they're both quick reads so reading both is like reading a full-length novel. Zane and Xander are twins who may be fraternal but they look alike enough that there are people in their hometown who still confuse the two of them. They're supposed to be different in terms of personality and demeanor, but that wasn't as highlighted as I would have expected. They're also fairly close, even though Zane is based in California and Xander is in Virginia, but I wish there were more encounters between them.

We do get a bit more of a look at the brothers' relationship in All In, which is the story written by Beth Andrews, plus the love story and individual back stories of Xander and Quinn are told in equal measure. Tawny Weber's All Out is almost exclusively about the romance and we get to know Vivian more than we do Zane. Both stories were fairly easygoing, with a minimal amount of angst. These truly were both romances, so if you're looking for something extra--like mystery and action--you won't find any here. However, if you like straightforward love stories that have hopeful, happy-for-now endings, give One Night with a SEAL one hour (or two) of your time. Four stars. ♥

Date Read: 07 June 2017

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