Review: McFarland's Farm by Cardeno C. (Hope #1)

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McFarland's Farm is the first novella in the Hope series from author Cardeno C. When twenty-four-year-old Lucas Reika's latest shenanigan because one too many for his wealthy restaurateur father, he's cut off financially until he gets his act together. He's placed on a bus and sent off to the small town of Hope in Arizona, which is where Jared McFarland has his farm, the same Jared that Lucas has had a crush on for years. But nothing can come of that crush on the thirty-two-year-old farmer. After all, Jared's straight and he's Lucas's half-sister's ex-husband. Lucas just needs to focus on getting his time in the middle of nowhere over and done with as soon as possible so he can get back to life in the city. But the more time he spends on the farm, the more Lucas finds purpose, and the more time he spends with Jared, the more Lucas finds himself wondering if maybe Jared isn't as straight as he thought...

This was a quick read and it was a satisfying one. I wasn't too fond of Lucas for a good portion of the book, especially with how he was towards Jared when Lucas first arrives in Hope. But he did grow on me, and thank goodness he did because Jared was such a great guy, one who deserved to be happy and find the kind of love that he always hoped he'd have. Lucas evolves well as a main character and there are clues as to why he acts out as much as he does prior to landing on Jared's farm. The glimpses that we get of Lucas's father and half-sister make it clear that the dynamic between them and Lucas needs work, and maybe that was the one thing that I would have wanted more of a resolution of in the story. Other than that, though, I enjoyed getting to know Jared and Lucas and McFarland's Farm left me curious as to what else the town of Hope had in store later on. This garners 3.5 stars. ♥

Date Read: 24 June 2017

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