Review: The Line by Amie Knight

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via HEA Book Tours, PR & More in exchange for an honest review.

Everly Woods was sixteen when she first met the cowboy who became her unwitting mark. She took advantage of his kindness before leaving him high and dry. But while she took things from him, he took something from her without knowing it--her heart. Four years may have passed and Everly is older and wiser but she's never forgotten her cowboy--the same one who she meets again at the peach orchard where she's hoping to earn enough money in order to go to college, a plan spearheaded by her unofficial foster mother, Momma Lou. But while the cowboy who stole her heart was kind, gentle, and unassuming, the new version of Cole Briggs is harder and distrustful. He knows what it's like to put your faith in someone only to have them take advantage. He clearly hasn't forgotten the girl he nicknamed "Peaches" four years ago, and while he's wary of Everly and wants to keep his distance, there's something about her he can't turn away from for too long. He's nearly a decade older than she is and he's already had his heart and trust shattered before. Is Everly the person Cole could consider putting his heart on the line for?

Amie Knight impressed me with her debut release, See Through Heart, last year, and she's done the same with her sophomore effort, The Line. She's given us main characters who started off their story with Everly turning to thievery to sustain herself and Cole needing to take care of her. When they meet again, it's clear that they've changed over the four years since that initial meeting, almost as if they had swapped places, with Everly being the more hopeful one and Cole having given up on the whole notion of trusting another person. A lot of the story didn't play out how I thought it would and that's just one of the things the author deserves kudos for. She's also made sure that her supporting characters aren't mere hangers-on nor are they there for decorative purposes. The story has a fair bit of angst, but what would expect when Cole's fiancee cheats on him with his brother and becomes pregnant with a child she makes Cole believe is his? But don't think this book is all drama because it has its lighthearted moments too, making for an overall entertaining and heartwarming read. 4.5 stars go to The Line. ♥

Release Date: 15 June 2017

Date Read: 15 June 2017

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