Review: Kiss Cam by Anie Michaels (With a Kiss #1)

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Riley Smith has nothing to complain about. Her life is the kind that other young women her age would envy. So, definitely no complaints on her end. As a matter of fact, she's found something new to celebrate: a promotion! She's got a ticket to a basketball game she's been looking forward to, but having the dreaded Kiss Cam? Not so much. But that was before she found herself the focus of the camera and the other person sharing that temporary limelight is the hot guy beside her. You would think it would be awkward locking lips with a stranger, but this kiss? It was above and beyond anything Riley was expecting, and her unwitting partner readily agrees. As a matter of fact, Camden Rogers is so taken by Riley and the kiss that he wants to explore their connection. Can Cam convince Riley that there's far more to them than a kiss and their differences and prove they want the same happy ending?

Kiss Cam is the first novel in Anie Michaels's With a Kiss series and it's a lighthearted, nearly angst-free story that's quite sweet yet has some steamy moments as well. Cam was as close to perfect as one could get book boyfriend-wise, which did make him come off as so ideal that there was no way anyone could be THAT perfect and exist in the real world. And yes, I know that sounds weird since he's a fictional character but you know what I mean (well, at least I hope you do!). But keeping my cynical side quiet, I adored Cam and I thought he and Riley were a great couple and their love story made for a fun read. What stopped me from giving the book a higher rating is simply because I'm the kind of romance reader who likes some angst in the love story I'm reading. But if you're looking for a well-written, entertaining,  light romance with likable characters, Kiss Cam may be right up your alley. Four stars. ♥

Date Read: 25 June 2017

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