Review: Hearts on Air by L.H. Cosway (Hearts #6)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via WordSmith Publicity in exchange for an honest review.

I love you most of all. 
If that was true, then why did it always feel like I was last on his list?  Why did it feel like everything--everyone--else took precedence over our time together? 

L.H. Cosway has taken the second chance romance trope and given it a boost of adrenaline in Hearts on Air, the sixth--and I'm guessing final--full-length novel in her Hearts series. This also includes One Epic Night, the prologue which was exclusively available to Cosway's newsletter subscribers and tells the story of how and when the relationship between best friends Trevor Cross and Reya Cabrera changed from platonic yet flirty to something far more intimate and romantic. Hearts on Air may be part of a series but this can certainly be read as a standalone. How do I know? Because, believe it or not, this was my first ever read from the author. Sad but true, though I did buy the Hearts Series set which contains the first four full-length novels plus a bonus novella as well as the fifth book back in February and I bought the series starter in March of 2015. I seriously have no excuse for not reading everything other than lack of time. Long story short, I read this series in reverse order, and while my curiosity regarding the other couples was piqued, I was able to thoroughly enjoy and fall in love with Trev and Reya's story.

They didn't meet as children, not even as teenagers. Trevor Cross and Reya Cabrera were in their early twenties when they met courtesy of his older brother and her best friend, but they forged a friendship that had Reya thinking of Trev as the person closest in her life and vice versa. It took one night to change their friendship, but it also took Trev's dream coming true for their relationship to abruptly end. Two years later, he's one of the five parkour athletes that has made Running on Air a must-watch television program and she's still performing in clubs and writing songs while making ends meet by giving piano lessons. When Trev returns, Reya isn't prepared, but when she loses a regular gig and he steps in by offering her to work as one of the personal assistants for the show during their three-week European tour, Reya knows she'll have to shelve her apprehensions, especially since Trev insists this will be a good way for her to get her name out there while finding other gigs around Europe. He says all he wants in return is for them to be friends again, but with every passing day, it feels as if he wants more. Can Reya risk getting her heart broken again by the very same person or could this be their chance to finally get things right?

There is such lyricism to L.H. Cosway's storytelling that's both alluring and addictive. I've read many a second chance romance and this wasn't even the first one I've read this year that had an extreme sport or activity as part of the story. However, Cosway's novel--from her enticing story of love and forgiveness to her cast of characters, past and present--that makes it stand out in a way that makes me wish all books were as good as this one. This isn't a case of "he said, she said" and the blame isn't exclusively Trevor's nor Reya's. In short, there's a lot of it to go around, but with miscommunication comes assumptions, and in their case, that led to heartbreak. It's clear that the feelings between them didn't wane over the two years they were apart, but kudos to the author for choosing to go the slow burn route because these two seriously needed to work on their issues. Having extreme parkour play such an integral role in what tore them apart and then later brought them back together was a creative stroke of genius. We're also introduced to a new set of characters who'll comprise the spin-off series that Cosway has set for 2018 and from what I've seen, the first book should be worth the wait, especially if the writing is as on-point as it is here. Hearts on Air is, hands down, one of the most exceptional books I've experienced in 2017. Five-plus stars. ♥

Date Read: 08 June 2017

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