Review: Fury by Cat Porter

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Foreword PR & Marketing in exchange for an honest review.

"What I feel for you is bigger and deeper than some tagline I've always heard thrown around," he said. "I can't define it, and I don't need to. These feelings I got for you aren't just a part of me or one piece I got stashed inside. They are me."

Finger's story was a long time coming and boy, did Cat Porter make sure the wait was worthwhile! Fury is a spin-off of her Lock & Key series which features the One-Eyed Jacks motorcycle club and while there are events in the four L&K novels that overlap with this new release, it can easily be read as a standalone (buy yeah, I'm highly recommending you read the L&K novels anyway because, hello, they're among the best MC romances around). This novel was a REALLY lengthy read, but it was difficult to not be engrossed with Finger's tale and getting to know him as Justin, the Kid, and then Finger was fascinating as was his twenty-five-year love story with Serena, also known as Rena and Lenore. If you're as much of an angst addict as I am, this has it in spades an oh-so-much more!

Feel free to cuss me out...right...NOW. Why? Because I'm not giving any details about Finger and Serena's story. If you glimpse the blurb over on Goodreads or any of the e-retailers the book is available at, you'll notice that it's vague as well. Suffice it to say that there's a reason for that and I'm asking you to trust me--as well as all the other fabulous bloggers and readers out there who've raved about this book--and just read this book. Today. Okay, I'll give you till the weekend...because real life responsibilities and all. What I will say is that there are potential triggers in the story that you need to be aware of, specifically--and not limited--those concerning abduction, torture (not limited to physical), forced sexual acts, and various acts of violence (again, not limited to the physical).

What can I say about Cat Porter's storytelling that I haven't said before? The woman doesn't just tell you a story; it demands your attention. Her characters? They're worthy of your emotional investment, and this is me saying this after having previously read four of her novels (now five). There's nothing easy or simple about Finger and Serena's story--both as a couple and as individuals--but it is a tale of triumph after countless trials. It spans a quarter of a century, which is just one of the reasons it's a long read, and life and fate keep both Finger and Serena on their toes, testing them and their love for each other and how that prevails in the end. It's also a story about sacrifice, family, friendship, and brotherhood, familiar themes for Porter. Do yourselves a favor and buy Fury. Five-plus stars. ♥

Release Date: 02 June 2017 01 June 2017 (early release)

Date Read: 01 June 2017

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