Review: The Farthest Edge by Kristen Ashley (Honey #2)

Note: This ARC was provided by St. Martin's Press in exchange for an honest review.

I may have had my gripe with the Honey series starter, though I did like the story and the male main character, but Kristen Ashley has rewarded my faith in her writing with The Farthest Edge, the second novel, and I'm glad I decided to go ahead and continue on with the series. Domme Evangeline Brooks was everything the dominatrix in the first book wasn't--yes, I'm still not a fan of hers--and sub Branch Dillinger was as different from the submissive there, but he was just as enthralling and difficult not to want to fall for. The combination of Evangeline and Branch just made sense and they worked together, giving each other exactly what the other wants, anticipating one another's needs the more time they're together. This took the series's Domme-sub story arc and leveled things up.

Branch's life is all about blending into the shadows, not wanting any unnecessary attention, preferring to live his life on the outside. He wants for nothing...except for someone--one woman--who can take him to that place he craves, where he can simply let go. So far, no one comes close to his expectations. That is, until he meets Evangeline. While he may have doubted she was what he needed, Evangeline knew from the moment she met Branch that she would be the dominatrix he'd been looking for. She may have walked away from the Honey Club after one harrowing incident, but Branch's requirements allow them to set their own rules away from everyone else. Branch and Evangeline push each other to the edge, but will they still be able to pull back before falling over?

To Branch, Evangeline is "Angie" and he addresses her as "Ma'am" rather than "Mistress" when they're at play, which made him even more irresistible in my eyes. He was a hardened individual but it was those glimpses at the softer side of him, the one that had to ask Evangeline for the kind of help only she could give him and the same one that treated her unlike any other man before him, that made Branch such an unforgettable dark hero. He also brings with him an element of mystery and suspense that made this an even more interesting story. And Evangeline? She's definitely one of my favorite heroines this year and is every bit how I imagined a true Domme to be. Kristen Ashley left me sated with The Farthest Edge while also expecting even more from this series. Five stars. ♥

Release Date: 06 June 2017

Date Read: 03 June 2017

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