Review: Pucked Under by Helena Hunting (Pucked #4.5)

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In the world Randy Ballistic and Lily LeBlanc, there is no such thing as having too much sex. I think these two have the other Pucked couples beat, and they aren't all that choosy about when and where they get it on. However, if you're familiar with the series and with Randy and Lily in particular, you're aware that they've had their share of drama as far as their pasts are concerned. In Pucked Under, the novella sequel to Pucked Over, Randy and Lily are still very much in love and spending a few days together with their best friends before hockey season starts and training gets underway for the guys. Randy seriously needs to get out of his own head, wanting desperately to leave everything that's been eating at him behind for the time being. With the woman he loves and those closest to them hanging out at Alex and Violet Winters's Chicago cottage that should be easy enough. But basking in all that happiness seems short-lived because once they return to the city and find an unwelcome surprise waiting at home, Randy may go quite ballistic.

Helena Hunting creates a great balance between the angst and the humor, and that angst isn't necessarily limited to just Randy. It's clear that there are major issues going on with Lance Romero and the weird shenanigans between Darren Westinghouse and Charlene Hoar have piqued everyone's curiosity even more. But this novella really is about Randy and Lily and works well as the sequel to their story. I liked how unconventional they were compared to Alex and Violet and Miller Butterson and Sunny Waters, but I'm thinking "unconventional" doesn't really fit them either. They are who they are and they have a couple of serious conversations about their relationship and where it's headed. The unwelcome surprise I mentioned was one I so wanted to knock over with a hockey stick because of they were a gigantic ass. As much as I didn't like them, they did get Randy to realize and act on a few things. I loved that the gang was all together here and that they're still as close as ever, but Pucked Under bumped Alex and Violet off as my favorite Pucked couple. Randy and Lily are IT (though Alex remains my favorite hockey hunk). Five stars. ♥


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Wide Release Date: 10 October 2016

Date Read: 09 October 2016

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