Review: "Goodness and Light" by Patty Blount

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Goodness and Light by Patty Blount is the fourth and final book in the multi-authored Christmas in New York series. The series tells the tale of a group of girlfriends and the men they fall in love with. I read all four books in one day. Once I started with book one, I just couldn't help myself and had to find out what was in store for the other friends. ^.^ While each book can be read as a standalone, I do recommend that they be read in order because the stories are loosely connected. 

Elena Larsen has never been able to fully deal with the pain of losing her mother when the World Trade Center was hit on September 11, 2001. Along with still mourning her loss, Elena carries with her the guilt of having gotten into a disagreement with her mother the night before that fateful day, believing that her mother died thinking Elena hated her and wished her dead. From that time on, Elena has stayed as far away from New York as she can.

Thirteen years ago, Lucas Adair lost his mother when the towers fell on September 11th and while he still misses her, he has tried to lead as good a life as possible, doing a great deal for others without expecting anything in return. He refuses to be thought of as a hero for doing what he does. The loss of his mother still affects him but he doesn't want to wallow in the darkness that once led him to physically attack someone else.

Elena and Lucas have experienced their respective losses and may appear to be handling each differently but Lucas knows what it's like to be burdened by guilt so he can identify with what Elena is still going through. There's a kinship that they both share but it isn't limited to just the loss of their respective mothers and the guilt they have experienced. Their paths have crossed before and it seems fate has been trying to tell them something from that time up to the present.

There are numerous signs in the story that Lucas interprets one way and Elena another, and I liked that there wasn't this automatic belief in any of the signs. There's a bit of skepticism on both their parts but more on Elena's than Lucas', and it takes a good while before she realizes that the signs mean something. Obviously, the trauma they have both gone through has affected them in similar ways but, as the years have passed, they've dealt with it rather differently.

Though Elena and Lucas are the stars of this story, it was good to get more insight on Elena's older sister Kara. Her story seems like an interesting one and she's obviously going through her own issues, what with facing the future as a single mom after her boyfriend leaves her once they found out about the pregnancy. Her relationship with Elena also provides a better perspective on what Elena and how different they are.

Of the four books in the Christmas in New York series, Goodness and Light is my favorite. The characters had depth and the story is both poignant but hopeful. The idea that these two met as young teenagers at the very spot where they both lost their mothers and then to meet again years later will make anyone want to believe in fate, signs, and Christmas miracles. ^.^ I'm giving book four in the series five stars. Talk about ending the series on a high! ♥

Date read: 24 November 2014

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