Review: A Sip of Rio by Teodora Kostova

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via A Novel Take PR in exchange for an honest review.

Going on a long-planned vacation to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil should have been something to look forward to, but Liam Young's breakup with the boyfriend he was supposed to spend the holidays with more than puts a damper on things. So, why not take someone else? That's where Blaine Reed comes in. Newly divorced from his ex-wife, Blaine needs a break from everything, and spending time with Liam and saving the guy from having to go on vacation by himself. Win-win, right? From being friends in London, Blaine and Liam head to Rio and soon, the attraction that's been simmering between the two of them boils over. Why not have a fling while in one of the most exciting cities in the world? But when it's time to return to London, will Blaine and Liam be able to simply go back to being friends, or will Blaine readily admit he's fallen for his friend and can Liam risk his heart once again?

One of my favorite things about Teodora Kostova's A Sip of Rio is seeing how Liam and Blaine's relationship developed from being friends in London and then lovers in Rio. They both know firsthand what it's like to get your heart broken and have no other option but to end things with someone you once trusted and cared for. These two were both sweet and hot together, and there was this genuine connection between them that made it obvious that they fit. I liked the book, until Liam and Blaine flew back to London from Rio. It kinda faltered from that point on. I get the need for conflict, but the fact that the guy who was supposed to see the proverbial light and doing the chasing and thinking up some grand gesture to get the other guy back was THE WRONG GUY. It left me irritated. Sigh. So, Four stars go to the first 90% and two stars go to the last 10%, giving A Sip of Rio an average of three stars. ♥

Date Read: 10 August 2017

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