Review: Racing for the Sun by Amy Lane

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You’re not invisible,” he whispered. “You’re the only person I ever saw. And you said I was your dream.”
“Oh God, you are,” I muttered and lowered my head to kiss him. He tasted hot—hot, wet, and salty—and I trapped his face between my hands. “You’re my dream. I’ve got to do right by you.” I said that last against his lips and then took them again, kissed him again, and again, and again.

Racing for the Sun may have been published in 2013, but I only read it recently, having come across a note in author Amy Lane's Red Fish, Dead Fish. More than four years late, but better late than never, because know that I've experienced Jasper Anderson Atchison and Sonny Daye for myself, I would have felt embarrassed with myself had I never read their story. Ace and Sonny are among the most unforgettable fictional couples I've ever encountered in all my years of reading. From the moment they meet while both serving in the Middle East till they started new lives in San Diego together, these two were connected in ways that were not always easily explained.

When Ace meets Sonny, he's already an Army veteran at twenty-one, having already served three years straight out of high school. There's a protectiveness Staff Sergeant Atchison feels towards Private Daye, and his keeping an eye on the eighteen-year-old leads to an unlikely friendship of sorts...and something far more unthinkable. When Ace is shipped back to the US, he makes a promise to Sonny, and it's one that he keeps to the best of his abilities, going above and beyond. They open their own garage, with Sonny fixing up cars and Ace racing the car he bought Sonny to work on. They've got a plan, and it's a pretty good one, but when they finally give in to their feelings and Sonny's past rears it's ugly head, will Ace be able to get them both back on track or will there be no turning back?

These guys! Gah! If we're talking about the romance aspect of the story, I'd call it a slow burn (of sorts). It's not excessively slow, and to be honest, I was surprised that they didn't jump into bed together soon after Sonny joined Ace in San Diego, and heck, this is the kind of surprise that I like in my books! Their story may not seem overtly romantic, but nearly everything Ace did for Sonny was done out of love, and I'll take what he did over the far more mundane candlelit dinners and bouquet of flowers found in real life and in fiction. My heart broke for these for a variety of reasons: from Ace feeling unsure about how Sonny saw him to Sonny feeling exactly the same way in the latter half of the book. There was nothing typical about Ace or Sonny nor was there anything usual about their tale, but it's one that's hauntingly real, and yes, romantic. I'm highly recommending Racing for the Sun. Five-plus stars. ♥

Date Read: 08 August 2017

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