Review: The Playboy Prince and the Nanny by Donna Alward (Princes of Marazur #1)

Note: This ARC was provided by St. Martin's Press in exchange for an honest review.

The Playboy Prince and the Nanny is the first in author Donna Alward's new royal romance duet entitled The Princes of Marazur. The prince with a reputation for being a party-hopper with a penchant for the ladies is none other than Prince Diego Navarro, the second son of the sitting monarch of Marazur. When a car accident takes the lives of his sister and the longtime nanny of his niece and nephew, both of whom survive the crash, Diego returns home, intent on doing whatever he can to help his family get through this difficult period. A month afterwards, the nanny that Diego has chosen for his niece and nephew arrives, and she brings with her a sense of hope that all will be well as the royal family lives their new normal. But as much as Rosalie Walters is there for the children, stirs within Diego a longing he never considered for himself before. The more he gets to know Rose, the more he's convinced she's it for him, and the more she's around Diego, the more she realizes that there's more to him than his being a playboy. But fairy tales are pure fiction and no happy ending can be had for a prince and a nanny. Right?

Whether it be a small-town romance or a royal love story, it looks as if Donna Alward can do no wrong because I enjoyed the former by way of her Darling, VT series and with the opening salvo of her new duology, my expectations are high for The Crown Prince's Bride, the second novel and the one focused on Crown Prince Raoul finding love once again. Who hasn't imagined, even for a minute, what it would be like if a royal prince or princess fell in love with them and turned them from a commoner to royalty by marriage? Diego and Rose's story is a fairy tale written specifically for adults to swoon over and I did my fair share of swooning with this one. What isn't to like about these two main characters of ours? They're thankfully not impossibly perfect because that doesn't exist in the real world. Diego and Rose have their hang-ups, but they're not overwhelmingly difficult to surpass, especially not after they fall in love. With a le sigh-inducing story and a cast of characters that I couldn't get enough of, The Playboy Prince and the Nanny makes you wish for your own royal happily-ever-after. This one gets 4.5 stars! ♥

Release Date: 01 August 2017

Date Read: 30 July 2017

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