Review: Falling Into the Black by Lauren Runow (Club Bridge #2)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Wordsmith Publicity in exchange for an honest review.

One woman and two men. Would you choose a second chance to get things ten years later or an opportunity to fall in love again for the first time in a decade? That's just one of the decisions that Evangeline Smith needs to make and Cole Spence and Carter Donovan are intent on making her see that her future belongs to only one of them even as the other has already laid claim to her past. Evangeline--aka Angie--finds her path crisscrossing with that of Cole and Carter while in Club Bridge, a private club that invites is select clientele to leave their inhibitions at the door and delve into whatever sexual needs and wants they feel like exploring. Evangeline works at a law firm (her boss is none other than Kamii Schafer from Black Widow) and she's spent the last ten years trying to make headway in moving her life forward. She's even begun flirting with her professor, Cole, who happens to be an associate a different law firm, and it's a flirtation that Cole mentions to his best friend, Carter, a doctor...and the boy Evangeline left behind ten years ago. At Club Bridge, masks hide their identities, but what happens when Evangeline realizes her past and her present are about to collide and that everything will impact all their futures?

This love story was a complex one, given the ties between Carter and Evangeline (exes) and then Cole and Evangeline (possible couple in the making) plus Carter and Cole (best friends) and then Evangeline, Cole, and Carter (a trio that engage in a different kind of anonymous threesome while at Club Bridge). You would think it would be so easy to choose a side, but it wasn't because Carter and Cole were actually good guys and you didn't want either of them to lose out on what they believed was their shot at true love. You would also think a woman would bask in the attentions and affections from more than one guy, but nope, poor Evangeline was torn in the worst possible ways because she genuinely had feelings for both men and she didn't want to hurt either one of them, even though, in the end, it was inevitable. I won't say who Evangeline ended up choosing but what I will say is that she did choose only one of them and I hope that the one she didn't choose does get his own happily-ever-after in a separate book. Hint, hint, Lauren Runow!!! This book makes three Runow-penned books that I've read so far, and it looks to me that she gets better each and every time. I'm giving Falling Into the Black 4.5 stars out of five. ♥

Date Read: 06 August 2017

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