Review: Blue Balls by RC Boldt

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I move to shift our bodies, trying to get him beneath me, thinking that might help. But when I do so, something happens, and I cause Jack to lose his balance, slipping off me and hitting the edge of my glass coffee table.
With his head.
“Holy shit!”

After the hilarity she offered up in Clam Jam, author RC Boldt has a follow-up that gives that novel a run for its rom-com money. Remember Jack Westbrook and Sarah Matthews, best friends to Ryland James and Maggie Finegan in the aforementioned book? Well, they just got their humorously heartwarming turn in the spotlight in the comedy of errors that is Blue Balls. and goodness, how Boldt put these two through the sexual ringer! I wouldn't be surprised if those proverbial blue balls they were experiencing had turned gray then black from sheer frustration. The side benefit, of course, was the numerous opportunities to laugh at the string of bad luck Jack and Sarah found themselves in nearly every single time they were about to get down and dirty. I totally felt their pain.

Sarah is a love-'em-and-leave-'em kind of woman, though not much on the loving part unless you mean boning (and by that I mean sexing it up) and very heavy on the leaving part. She isn't looking for the same happily-ever-after that her best friend has now found. Speaking of best friends, though, she's had her eye on her best friend's fiancé's best friend (did you get all that?), especially since he seems to have ended things with the girl he was dating. Jack's clearly as attracted to Sarah as she is to him, and they're getting things on is inevitable. Right? So, why does it feel as if the whole universe is conspiring against them? Could this be Mission: Coitus Interruptus? Sarah and Jack have the foreplay down pat, and when they get to the best part, all should be good. But what happens when Jack makes it clear that he's looking for forever, and all this time, Sarah's only focused on for now?

I so adored Jack and I thought Sarah was a hoot! These two had chemistry and then some and I lost count of the number of times I literally laughed out loud whenever fate--or their friends--got in the way and messed up all the naughty things they could have been doing instead. I appreciated the switching of roles, what with Sarah not interested in a relationship and Jack wanting commitment. Did that have me all frustrated at Sarah? Yep, especially since Jack was such a great guy and I felt that he totally deserved to find that one person he should spend the rest of his life with. Yep, I've got a wee bit of a crush on the guy. Total book boyfriend material, if you ask me, and if the whole incident with the spanking and biting and his motivation behind it doesn't endear him to you then you need to get yourselves checked! Another guy I liked was Clint, Sarah's other close friend. I'm hoping he gets, at the very least, a novella because he's such a sassy sweetie! This is a case of Blue Balls you're going to want! Five-plus stars. ♥

Release Date: 08 August 2017

Date Read: 07 August 2017

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