Review: Black Widow by Lauren Runow (Club Bridge #1)

Black Widow is the first novel in Lauren Runow's Club Bridge series and it introduces us to Club Bridge, a private club that's meant to cater to the sexual fantasies of its members while making sure to keep everything anonymous. Owned by widower Preston Babcock, the club became a place for him to somehow manage his baser needs and wants while not getting emotionally involve with whomever he sexually engages in. When Kamii Schafer, a widow and lawyer, is encouraged by a friend of hers to check out Club Bridge, Preston finds a kindred spirit, something he never expected after losing the wife he loved. Kamii knows all about loss, having to learn how difficult life is without the one person she though she'd spend forever with by her side. Together, they explore their fantasies, but when reality makes an appearance, will these two be able to survive the arrival of one heartbreaking twist of fate?

This was my second Runow read and it was a highly entertaining one, delving into romance and erotica and even adding in some suspense to keep things interesting. Preston and Kamii are more than familiar with the feeling of loss and how life changes irrevocably once the person you love most is no longer there. The story has them letting go of their inhibitions within the confines of Club Bridge, but not immediately letting go of other things in the outside world. They become unexpected partners as they struggle to move forward with their personal lives, even as their professional ones flourished after they lost their respective spouses. There's a lot of character development, with Kamii's being more on display while Preston's was far more quiet and subtle. Runow's given readers a story and characters they can sink their teeth into and she's done it well. Black Widow receives four stars. ♥

Date Read: 05 August 2017

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