Audiobook Review: A Walk Through Fire by Felice Stevens, narrated by Kale Williams (Through Hell & Back #2)

On the outside, Asher Davis appears to be a man who wants for little in his life. He's a highly successful lawyer whose reputation precedes him. When he wants something, he goes after it, knowing full well his perseverance will win out in the end. While handling a divorce case, he meets his client's soon-to-be ex-husband, plastic surgeon Drew Klein, and Ash is immediately hit with an attraction he's never experienced before. The opportunity to work side by side with the man at a medical and legal clinic he's set up for LGBTQA youth is one Ash knows he can't say no to, and it doesn't necessarily just have to do with him wanting to spend more time with Drew. However, Drew is very much straight and he's unsure how well someone like Ash would fit in at the clinic. Ash and Drew clash, but that underlying pull to one another is growing more and more difficult to ignore. But can two men in their thirties with trust issues, no thanks to Drew's cheating ex-wife and Ash's past in foster care, ever find love with each other?

Okay, this is one of those rare moments that I did something out of order. While I may have read Felice Stevens's Through Hell & Back series in sequential order, the audiobooks are a whole different matter altogether. I originally listened to After the Fire first, which is actually the second one in the series. After being thoroughly impressed by the combination of Stevens's writing and Kale Williams's narration in that particular audiobook, I wanted to see if I would have a similarly leveled-up experience with the audiobook for the first book, A Walk Through Fire. Several hours later, and voila! I was right and thankfully so (after all, no one likes being wrong!). The angst was still there, but it didn't feel as overwhelming as it did while I was reading the ebook in November of last year. Williams breathed new life into this heartrending story, and helped me have a better appreciation for Stevens's tale of love trumping of tragedy and distrust. The A Walk Through Fire audiobook opened my eyes AND ears! It gets four stars. ♥

Date Listened to: 03 August 2017

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