Audiobook Review: After the Fire by Felice Stevens, narrated by Kale Williams (Through Hell & Back #2)

Note: This audiobook was provided by the author via Michelle Slagan in exchange for an honest review.

Written by Felice Stevens and narrated by Kale Williams, After the Fire is the second audiobook in the Through Hell & Back series. I haven't had the privilege of listening to the first book in the series, but I have read all three novels, which I consider a good thing because though you can read them as standalones, they're interconnected stories, what with having a recurring cast of characters. Also, the fact that one particular event in A Walk Through Fire preludes everything else that happens here in After the Fire, made me glad that I had read the novels even if I have yet to listen to the audiobook for the series starter. Now done with the second in the series, I'm happy to say that I was quite impressed with how Kale Williams took Felice Stevens's heartrending story and breathed new life into it, which is just like investment banker Lucas Conover does for his late client's distraught fiancé, Dr. Jordan Peterson.

When I read the book, I noted the amount of angst that was there, but then you expect that sort of thing when it's a story about one man trying to learn how to live life once again without the man he had envisioned living the rest of it beside him, as was the case for Jordan. Add to that Lucas's own story involving his two foster brothers--the older one he looks upon with resentment because of Lucas's feelings of abandonment and the younger one he feels a great deal of guilt and loss over because of his disappearance. There's also quite a bit of animosity that goes one between Jordan and Lucas, no thanks to Jordan's lack of participation when it came to the foundation that was set up in the name of Keith Hart, his fiancé who was shot while doing what he did best--protecting others--and dying because of it, and Lucas pointing out to Jordan his being MIA should lead to his ouster as part of the board.

I mentioned earlier my reaction when it came to Kale Williams's narration of this book, and this being my first time having heard his talent at work, I was indeed impressed with the results. Remember, I had already read and liked the story earlier this year, so it's not as if the tale being told was something new. However, the emotions that Williams's voice-over work conveyed felt as if I was getting the same story but from a different perspective. I know that sounds weird, but it was as if Jordan and Lucas were actually the ones sharing what their story was and I was right there listening to every little bit of it. Williams had good material to work with, what with Felice Stevens weaving a story about love and loss and then taking a chance when you find love again, and I'm not just talking about romantic love but the familial kind too. 4.5 stars go to the After the Fire audiobook and I'm recommending it. ♥

Date Listened to: 04 August 2017

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