Review: Going in Deep by Carly Phillips (Billionaire Bad Boys #4)

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Going in Deep is the fourth and final book in the bestselling author Carly Phillips's Billionaire Bad Boys series and it's the one book that I had hoped would actually come to fruition and I'm glad that it did. Julian Dane was introduced as the villain in the series starter, Going Down Easy, going to great lengths in order to make his former best friends, especially the one he was closest to, Kaden Barnes, give what was due him for his invaluable contribution to their Blink application. While Julian betrayed Kade, his use of Julian's then-girlfriend's twin sister as his weapon of choice in order to exact what he believed was justice and revenge and his belated realization that Kendall Parker was suffering from bipolar disorder was what led Julian to hit rock bottom. Now, after much time spent dealing with his addiction and attending regular Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, Julian knows it's time for him to make his apologies and try to show those he hurt that he's no longer the same man. Convincing Kendall that he's changed for the better may prove to be easier than convincing her that he's worthy of winning her heart.

Julian was a class-A jerk in the first book, barely taking the time to consider who he was hurting in order to get what he wanted and what he believed he deserved. The Julian in this fourth book, however, is very different, though we do get glimpses of those changes in him in both the second and third books as well. In this series finale, we learn his back story and there were certainly quite a number of vital bits of information that he didn't dare share even with his three closest friends. I liked this new Julian, but then he isn't the only one who's undergone changes. Kendall, with the help of her medication and the support of her twin sister and brother-in-law, Lexie and Kade Barnes, is in better control of herself and is more self-aware. Her love for dogs made her an instant favorite, but I loved getting to see her become independent here, standing up for herself and speaking her mind when need be. There were a tad more peripheral characters here than in the first three books, but they never stole the main attention away from Julian and Kendall, as it should be. Going in Deep is the perfect five-star ending to this series. ♥


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Date Read: 14 May 2017

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