Review: Feel Me by Cecy Robson (O'Brien Family #4)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Tasty Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.

Feel Me is the fourth O'Brien Family novel and we finally get Declan O'Brien's story, one that he shares with Melissa Fenske. There's no denying that Declan is good at his job, earning the position of Assistant District Attorney in Philadelphia through hard work and tenacity. He has a life plan he's always been intent and focused on, and nothing has ever gotten in his way. But then he's assigned to the Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Unit, a division that's been known to have one hell of a turnover, no thanks to the heartbreaking cases that come across their desks. This also means that Deck will have to work with the current director of Victims Services--Melissa--who hasn't hidden the fact that she isn't a fan of his, unlike the countless other women hovering around Deck. But when Melissa's father--who also happens to be Declan's boss--is forced to take a step back from work due to health issues and names Declan as the temporary DA, Declan and Melissa work in even closer quarters. Crossing the line is inevitable but Declan has never believed in true love and fairy tale endings. Could this cost him Melissa?

I was looking forward to reading Declan's story after getting glimpses of him in the third O'Brien Family novel--and my first Cecy Robson read--and because that book left a great impression on me, expectations on my end were high. Were those expectations met? Well, Declan and Melissa's love story had the angst that I was expecting, what with Melissa's father's cancer and Declan's aversion to anything that connected to a committed relationship. Declan's commitments have always been to his mother and siblings and to his ambition in life. Being with Melissa, though, knocks him for a loop and tests his own personal beliefs. There was a general lack of communication between the two, so there's a lot of assuming and misinterpretation of actions that goes on, leading to a less than happy couple. There were lots of mixed signals and I confess that Deck lost a lot of his luster as the story went on. This is a smart man, but he handled a majority of situations the wrong way, and you know when they say "actions speak louder than words"? Well, his actions belied whatever explanations he gave Melissa on numerous occasions.

So again, did this novel meet my high expectations? In some cases, yes. The story was emotional and tugged on my heartstrings, especially with everything that Melissa was facing. As frustrating as Declan was, and Melissa to a lesser degree, I did like this couple and felt there was a genuine connection between them and I rooted for them to get to their happy ending. The book faltered when it came to the fluidity of the storytelling. There were moments where the story would jump ahead, and it was only a bit into the chapter where I would realize some time had already passed since whatever may have happened in the chapter prior to it. I felt there was something missing between the final chapter and the epilogue, with the transition between the two turning out as abrupt. Even when it came to Melissa's father, I had no clue what had happened to him until I came across one mention of him in the epilogue and that's when I got which direction his story went to. This fourth book was a good read, but it being part of an ongoing series has me comparing it to its predecessor. All things considered, Feel Me receives four stars. ♥

Date Read: 23 May 2017

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