Review: Five Rules by L.P. Lovell & Stevie J. Cole (The Game #5)

Note: This ARC was provided by the authors in exchange for an honest review.

Five days in and Ella Taylor couldn't walk away even if she wanted to. And that's the thing--Tobias Benton and Preston Lucas have become an integral part of her life and it appears that Ella has become the same for the two men, especially as far as Tobias is concerned. But now, the challenge that awaits Ella will test her resolve to be exactly what Tobias and Preston need her to be and will have her questioning her humanity. And lest she forget, Three is still waiting in the wings. He's made his own agreement with Tobias and the last thing Ella wants is to have anything to do with the mysterious man who makes her want to run as far as possible. When the fate of someone else is put in Ella's hands, will she do what's expected of her? The question is, what do her men expect her to do?

Could this serial get even more intense? Why yes. Yes, it can. If you didn't think the sex could get hotter and the things that Ella is made to do inside and outside of the bedroom even more daunting, then welcome to Five Rules, the fifth and newest addition to The Game series by the writing duo of L.P. Lovell and Stevie J. Cole. While Ella desires both Tobias and Preston, it's the former that she has the strongest connection with, so I wonder if that'll come into play in the last two books. There's also the whole unresolved thing with Three, who I suspect could very well be the greatest obstacle to Ella and Tobias--and Preston?--finding any sort of happy ending. The Ella in book five is very different from the one we met at the start, but maybe Tobias saw who she could be all along. 4.5 stars. ♥


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Release Date: 06 May 2017

Date Read: 05 May 2017

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