Review: Crazy Stupid Perfection by Melissa Toppen (Crazy Love #3)

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Crazy Stupid Perfection is the third and final novel in the Crazy Love trilogy created by author Melissa Toppen and closes the series out with the story of Paxton Stewart, twenty-five and longtime best friends with Decklan Taylor and Gavin Porter, and Charlie Porter, twenty-one and youngest sister of Gavin. Paxton and Charlie return to their hometown within weeks of each other after having been away for a couple of years or so. Neither one has spoken about what happened between them three years ago, but neither one has forgotten the night they shared. Paxton isn't sure Gavin would be thrilled if he ever discovered the inappropriate thoughts he's had of his little sister, but he's done ignoring his feelings for Charlie. They both agree to keep their relationship secret from those closest to them, but they have their own cache of secrets that they're keeping from each other. Will there ever come a time that they'll be able to be open about their feelings, but can two imperfect people make crazy and stupid become perfection?

From the moment that Paxton suggested that they keep their relationship secret and Charlie agreed to it, I saw where crazy and stupid came in because we all know that secret relationship always have a way of coming out and by the time they do, the results are far from perfect. No one's saying that there's nothing perfect about being in love with someone and wanting to share yourself with them, but when you keep it secret, it comes off as illicit, something that is wrong, and the fact is, there was nothing wrong with Paxton and Charlie being in a relationship. They were not related and I think they didn't give Gavin any credit with how he would deal with both the idea and the reality of them being together. The secrecy aside, I liked how Paxton and Charlie were together, making it obvious that they were meant to be from the get-go. They've got their share of angst, brought about by the time they were apart, but there was a lightness about their love story too. Four-starred Crazy Stupid Perfection ends the Crazy Love series with a four-star average. ♥


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Release Date: 04 October 2016

Date Read: 04 October 2016

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