Review: Crazy Stupid Love by Melissa Toppen (Crazy Love #1)

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Crazy Stupid Love is the first novel in the Crazy Love series and my first ever Melissa Toppen read. It's a story shared by twenty-five-year-old Decklan Taylor, co-owner of a popular bar called Deviants, and recently turned nineteen-year-old Kimber James, college freshman majoring in art. There's an instant connection between Decklan and Kimber, but he thinks she's too innocent to be sullied by someone like him. However, Kimber proves to be difficult to distance himself from, especially when she makes it clear that she wants him as much as he wants her. She isn't as innocent as she may seem either, but Decklan has never been with the same woman twice and has never considered being in a committed relationship before. He's also got some very dark demons that have their claws sunk so deep that he hasn't been able to shake them the past eight years. He knows the best thing would be to push Kimber away, to save her from whatever pain he knows he will end up causing her, but can he do that if he's crazy, stupid in love with her?

One of my favorite things about this series starter was Kimber. The girl may have only been nineteen but she knew what and who she wanted and she refused to let anything or anyone get in her way. She fought for following her dreams of pursuing art and she fought for following her heart when it came to Decklan. He, on the other hand, could be a complete jerk from time to time, but he could also be quite sweet and thoughtful. His jerkiness, of course, was a result of the issues that he bearing upon his shoulders, especially the immense guilt that was drowning him for nearly eight years. The story flowed well, with a lot of back and forth when it came to whether Decklan wanted to be with her or not. They both had family issues that needed to be dealt with, but I felt that Kimber's was never resolved and Decklan's was glossed over as far as his mother was concerned and the thing with his older brother was just left unresolved. Still, I did enjoy the book and was able to finish in less than two hours' time. Four stars for Crazy Stupid Love. ♥

Date Read: 04 October 2016

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