Review: Crazy Stupid Obsession by Melissa Toppen (Crazy Love #2)

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Crazy Stupid Obsession is the second novel in the Melissa Toppen-penned Crazy Love new adult (NA) romance series. Here we have Gavin Porter, twenty-five and co-owner of Deviants, and Harlee Travers, nineteen and a college freshman, both best friends of Decklan Taylor and Kimber James from Crazy Stupid Love, respectively. One hook-up does not a fairy tale make, but all it takes is one night for Gavin and Harlee to know that what they shared was very different from any other one-night stand they had with other people before. Neither of them has been the type to commit, and Gavin doesn't follow up with Harlee for another go-around, so she proceeds to date another guy, who is as close to perfect as you can get. Harlee having a boyfriend doesn't sit well with Gavin, and he intends to show her that she belongs solely to him. Harlee really likes her boyfriend and it's clear that he would do anything for her, but how can she picture having a future with him if she hasn't gotten over her crazy, stupid obsession with Gavin?

There's no pretending that Gavin and Harlee have this immense connection that's difficult to ignore, but ignore it they did, no thanks to Gavin's lack of initiative to pursue anything more with her...that is until he sees her with her boyfriend. Then, there's the cheating, and Harlee's behavior ticked me off because, while Gavin's relentless pursuit of her even though he knew she had a boyfriend was an asshole move, Harlee failed to take full responsibility for her role in the debacle. She blamed Gavin for going after her, then her boyfriend for being too sweet and thoughtful. She knew she was cheating and she had opportunities to come clean. Instead, she came off as the girl who cheated on two guys: one she was in a relationship with, the other she was in love with. Gah! So yes, I was not happy with Harlee, but overall, this was story was difficult to not enjoy because it was different enough to stand out and it played out in a way that I wasn't fully expecting. I did like Harlee by the end of it, so it's all good. Four stars go to Crazy Stupid Obsession. ♥

Date Read: 04 October 2016

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