Review: "Chasing Luck" by Brinda Berry

Chasing Luck is the first book in the Serendipity series by Brinda Berry and tells the interesting tale of Malerie Toombs, an eighteen-year-old young woman who has led a very sheltered life after surviving the devastating loss of her mother during the bombing of the office building they were both in eleven years ago, and Ace Sloan, a twenty-year-old young man who is just starting his security business and has led a difficult life. This is a romantic suspense novel and it certainly has healthy doses of both romance and suspense and will have you wondering what really is going on in the story.

Malerie and Ace literally bump into each other the very night of her eighteenth birthday and then meet again several minutes later when Ace is introduced as being a prospective security provider by Malerie's guardian, John "JT" Toombs. When Malerie not just suffers but witnesses yet another death in her life, Ace is there to help but soon leaves. However, the offer to provide security for Malerie is thrust upon him again by Malerie's other guardian, Billy Vandol, and the money involved is something he can't turn away from.

What happens over the next few days proves that this isn't any ordinary security assignment for Ace, with Malerie believing that every tragedy she's experienced so far is part of a destiny that's been set in four mysterious boxes that have UNIX number codes and Moon type, an alternative to the Braille reading system for the visually impaired. Are the boxes really predicting certain life-changing events or could there be something more human and very much sinister trying to permanently get rid of Malerie? Finding out is what may save both Malerie and Ace and give them a chance at a future together.

I enjoyed Chasing Luck and liked that neither the romance or suspense aspects were overplayed or lacking. Malerie and Ace were interesting characters and the fact that they didn't fall madly in love with each other from the moment they first met allowed their relationship to grow at a more natural pace. I really loved the mystery suspense aspect of the book because it made me think and wonder what the heck was happening and try to make sense of it all. By the time I finished the book, I was left with the possibility of predestined coincidence, so yeah, I was somewhere in the middle of being logical and believing in destiny. ^.^  All in all, Chasing Luck was a good read and I'm giving it four out of five stars. ♥

Date read: 02 November 2014

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