Review: This Much Is True by Adriana Locke (Marshall Family #2)

Note: An advance reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author.

Oh, Lucas Marshall, what a surprise you turned out to be! From the glimpses readers got of him in the Marshall Family series starter, More Than I Could, the twenty-seven-year-old came off as somewhat...immature. In his story, This Much Is True, Luke reminds us that one should never just a book by its cover. The farrier is now thirty (not sure if that means there was an actual three-year gap between the first two novels or if it was a miscalculation or something else) and life is as it always is in hometown of Peachwood Falls, Indiana. Most of his family is nearby, he enjoys his job, and and he likes his close-knit community. Then a blast from the past changes everything, courtesy of his ex-girlfriend breaking into his home. The same ex-girlfriend who was scheduled to be married that very same day. The very ex-girlfriend who just happens to be twenty-nine-year-old pop star Laina Kelley. In the six years since things ended between them, there hasn't been any contact; but Luke promised Laina that he would always be there for her. Now, the only girl he's ever loved is back, but can true love survive if she leaves him again?

When it comes to second chance romances, I admit that I a fair amount of groveling is a must for me. However, there was something about Luke and Laina's story that had me totally okay with the lack thereof. There also wasn't a whole lot of finger-pointing and hurling of accusations going on, which I actually appreciated since that tends to drag in unnecessary drama. I loved seeing Luke and Laina reconnect, not just as lovers but also as friends. There was also Laina's close relationship with other members of the Marshall clan, and this girl needed those pillars of support. When it comes to why she became a runaway bride, suffice it to say that her great escape was very much warranted, and I seriously liked seeing her claim her life back, professionally and personally. Just like the first book in the Marshall Family series, Adriana Locke blended the romance and humor quite nicely, and there's no denying how adept she is when it comes to small town romances. This much is true: This Much Is True gets five stars.


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Release Date: 18 March 2024

Date Read: 16 March 2024

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